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Why was rylan cut off on itv+1

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mosschops30 Sat 13-Oct-12 23:16:12

It said for legal reasons they couldn't show the original played on itv
Anyone know why?

ManifestingMingeHooHoosAgain Sat 13-Oct-12 23:18:05

They apologised for Tulisa's language so maybe she said something like 'That was the biggest pile of wank I ever saw, Rylan' Or something like that grin

ManifestingMingeHooHoosAgain Sat 13-Oct-12 23:18:34

I recorded it so I could check if you want

KatyPeril Sat 13-Oct-12 23:19:36

Because he's a twat.

mosschops30 Sat 13-Oct-12 23:20:06

It was during his song so not something the judges said, was only off for 15 seconds max

picturesinthefirelight Sat 13-Oct-12 23:21:19

Didn't see plus 1 but I think one of the judges said shit

mosschops30 Sat 13-Oct-12 23:30:12

It's doing it lots now, very irritating!

MrsjREwing Sat 13-Oct-12 23:33:07

He did a mash up of Rhianna and Dido.

SinisterBuggyMonth Sat 13-Oct-12 23:47:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pochemuchka Sat 13-Oct-12 23:49:19

I wondered if it was the song? I thought maybe they weren't allowed to show the gangnam style song bit for legal reasons.

Surely can't be swearing? It was gone 11pm!

nancy75 Sat 13-Oct-12 23:49:48

He didn't do rhianna, he did other about 5 songs in one, they probably only have the rights to sing certain songs live and not to repeat them. Itvwas the chimney sweep that sang dido and rhianna

deleted203 Sat 13-Oct-12 23:50:38

Rylan didn't do the mash of Rhianna and Dido! Kye did. I watched the original and didn't see anything that needed cutting, TBH. The bit about Tulisa's language was her saying that Melanie was a MILF I think.

MrsjREwing Sat 13-Oct-12 23:52:03

Sorry I had them mixed up, no idea why.

Kickarsequeen Sat 13-Oct-12 23:54:41

Sorry, but I'd have classed that as a 15 second reprieve!! He has something missing from his singing IMO. I just don't think he's got it!

DowntonTrout Sat 13-Oct-12 23:55:27

Ooh which bits were cut out? It wasn't the gary Barlow song was it? Just wondered if Gary had complained- that would be funny!

marquesas Sun 14-Oct-12 00:08:58

This is what Dan Wooton is saying on Twitter

You might have to scroll down

nannyof3 Sun 14-Oct-12 00:11:17

Maybe cause his a prat ?!?!? smile

waltermittymissus Sun 14-Oct-12 00:12:48

Apparently because he said Rylan Style during Gangnam Style and there was a copyright issue!

deleted203 Sun 14-Oct-12 00:15:28

They cut that?? How on earth can it be a copyright issue to say, 'I'm doing this Rylan style?'. Weird.....

waltermittymissus Sun 14-Oct-12 00:17:46

I haven't a clue! Doesn't make sense to me!

The X factor released a statement saying there was copyright infringement!

deleted203 Sun 14-Oct-12 00:19:53

Goodness me! (Does that mean no one else can sing 'My Way') grin

Kickarsequeen Sun 14-Oct-12 00:32:05

I think it means anyone who can sing can sing My Way!! I think only bad copies are banned!!!

deleted203 Sun 14-Oct-12 20:16:45

Ah well.....that's Rylan buggered then grin

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