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Plane Crash - Channel 4 - Anybody else watching?

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SoleSource Thu 11-Oct-12 21:44:32


almapudden Thu 11-Oct-12 21:44:59

I am. I hate flying.

almapudden Thu 11-Oct-12 21:45:21

Morbid curiosity, probably shouldn't be watching.

OddBoots Thu 11-Oct-12 21:47:16

I am. Anyone want to lay bets on which airline charges more for the safest seats first?

LollipopViolet Thu 11-Oct-12 21:48:14

I'm recording it while I do stuff on here.

I too, have some fear of flying, so probably shouldn't watch, but I can't help it!

SwedishEdith Thu 11-Oct-12 21:49:18

I doubt they'll say which seats are safer, that's my betting. But they will just say you should brace yourself in a crash

TunipTheVegemal Thu 11-Oct-12 21:49:30

I am. It's taking forever. Just crash the plane already.

Cuckoomama Thu 11-Oct-12 21:50:31

Trouble is you can't always choose where you sit anyway.

TunipTheVegemal Thu 11-Oct-12 21:51:30

I predict that when everyone knows which seats are safer this will start a new trend of people being killed in the scrum to sit in those seats.

Horsemad Thu 11-Oct-12 21:54:55

DH reckons by the wings is safest

SoleSource Thu 11-Oct-12 21:55:46

Ooooh excited

Whistlingwaves Thu 11-Oct-12 21:55:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoleSource Thu 11-Oct-12 21:56:22

Imagine if they became stuck!

Whistlingwaves Thu 11-Oct-12 21:57:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

birthdaypanic Thu 11-Oct-12 21:59:53

I am even checked in earlier chose the seats I had for last holiday and would choose again can't wait to see at the end of programme if I would have survived. Wonder if the result will change seats I choose in future?

lisad123 Thu 11-Oct-12 22:01:08

I have even booked in online!!

NormanTheForeman Thu 11-Oct-12 22:01:28

Ds watches a lot of Air Crash Investigation programmes and already has a good idea of the safest places to sit in an aeroplane (over the wings for structural integrity, near the emergency exits for the sort of crash where the plane lands not too badly damaged but there might be a fire). Also putting a bag in front of your legs is useful, as often people survive the crash but get their legs broken when they slam into the bar in front of them, and then can't escape from the aircraft. Oh, and wrapping a fleece jacket or something round your head if you are making an emergency landing helps reduce the risk of a head injury.

MorrisZapp Thu 11-Oct-12 22:01:51

Come on, drop the damn plane. We know its going to crash so enough fake tension.

Horsemad Thu 11-Oct-12 22:02:45

Depends on the type of crash though surely? Most people who survive do so 'cause they're near exits. It's fumes that kill survivors.

NormanTheForeman Thu 11-Oct-12 22:03:07

Oh and you should always count how many rows of seats you are away from the exit, so that if you can't see (because of dark, smoke etc) you can feel your way along the rows of seats to the exit and know where to get out.

Cuckoomama Thu 11-Oct-12 22:03:09

Jim Bobs doing well for himself since he left Waltons Mountain. (showing my age now!)

YouveCatToBeKittenMe Thu 11-Oct-12 22:05:26

I'm married to an Aircraft engineer...i'm sure he'd have something to shout say about every aspect of the program...thank goodness he's at work grin

VivaLeBeaver Thu 11-Oct-12 22:05:31

You should sit within 6 rows of an exit, the nearer the better.

SoleSource Thu 11-Oct-12 22:06:25

Oh my gosh, eerie silence.

Horsemad Thu 11-Oct-12 22:08:15

Snap You'vecat! My aircraft engineer is sat right next to me!

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