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X Factor First live show.......................

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LottieJenkins Sat 06-Oct-12 20:01:15

Hope you dont mind that i have started the new thread....................

SuePurblybilt Sat 06-Oct-12 20:07:06

Chris is dressed like he's just left his day job in the Halifax confused

Hassled Sat 06-Oct-12 20:07:08

I've missed loads and loads - can't remember who anyone is, don't even know who made Judges' Houses. But will watch regardless.

HaveALittleFaith Sat 06-Oct-12 20:07:23

Go Amy!

LottieJenkins Sat 06-Oct-12 20:07:36

Chris please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

almapudden Sat 06-Oct-12 20:07:38

Gangnam needs no explanation.

(it's a trendy area of Seoul, he's taking the piss out of poncing Korean hipsters who think they're cool. Like people who pretend to live in Chelsea and go to gigs in Dalston, when they really live in Chiswick and go to gigs at the O2 arena).

HaveALittleFaith Sat 06-Oct-12 20:07:46

Noooooooooooooo! Is this a wind up?!

LottieJenkins Sat 06-Oct-12 20:07:53


Tuttutitlookslikerain Sat 06-Oct-12 20:08:00


Hope he goes out tomorrow!

cardibach Sat 06-Oct-12 20:08:04

I can;t watch wiht you tonight - DD out and saving the recording to watch with her! See you all next time!

SuePurblybilt Sat 06-Oct-12 20:08:07

Oh I knew it, when the had him standing in the middle, like Jesus.

it'll be a sob-off every week with him and Dick Dastardly.

Bye bye hot boys, Cahncil Amy and Spiky Poo II.

HaveALittleFaith Sat 06-Oct-12 20:08:16

We've got him sobbing already and bloody Ryland?!

jaffacakehips Sat 06-Oct-12 20:08:16

Ohhh the dramatics have started already!

SuePurblybilt Sat 06-Oct-12 20:08:59

No cardi, no boffles?

It's a lean ship tonight.

Lorelilee Sat 06-Oct-12 20:09:19

Wrong, and not for the last time, I'm sure!

shittingit Sat 06-Oct-12 20:09:26

Is fucking gazza through?

Pagwatch Sat 06-Oct-12 20:09:32

Will he ever stop whining? Holy fuck he's annoying.

jaffacakehips Sat 06-Oct-12 20:09:33

Wow, just wow!

look at those black leggings on Ryland

Tuttutitlookslikerain Sat 06-Oct-12 20:09:42

I just shout Fuck Off at the tele!

DH has been winding me up all day and has just piped up "what have I done now?"

SuePurblybilt Sat 06-Oct-12 20:09:56

Lines are open? Who are we not voting for?

I forget who I hate the most.

almapudden Sat 06-Oct-12 20:09:58

Chris is stupid. I want Amy. <pouts>

SuePurblybilt Sat 06-Oct-12 20:10:16

District 3 are the Baby Shits?

Hassled Sat 06-Oct-12 20:10:19

Lines are open now so give us your fucking money.

jaffacakehips Sat 06-Oct-12 20:10:23

God he's going to be really really annoying!

MakeHayNotStraw Sat 06-Oct-12 20:11:03

Hi - DH is out so I have the sofa to myself and an evening of x factor and crochet.... Can I join you? Thought the stage was going to fall down with all the fake shakes going on a minute ago....

SuePurblybilt Sat 06-Oct-12 20:11:08

Kai! <dies>. He looks like a study of Alan Cummings done in brown.

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