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Teen mom

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Iodine Fri 05-Oct-12 12:29:27

I'm off work at the moment and have just caught a couple of episodes of this that I havn't seen before. I think all teenage girls should be made to sit down and watch this to show them that having a baby young is not alway the fairytale they think it can be. Without fail the same things happen in each show:

-Boy promises girl the world
-Girl has to deal with all the stares and comments at school
-Boy becomes distant before birth
-Boy doesn't show up to birth/shows up at the last minute
-Boy starts shouting that his one day old newborn should start having sleepovers at his house without mum
-Boy continues the videogames/partying/social life that he has always had
-Boy wants girl and baby to move in with him. Girl says yes and then moves out days later or says no.
-Boy disappears off the face of the earth.

It's so depressing. I've seen boys on here that become controlling the moment the baby is born (one just kicked his girlfriend out of the car and sped off with preemie twins in the back sad) and try to alienate the girls from their families.

If you have teenage girls sit them down and make them watch it!

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