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Superstar - the end result!

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cardibach Wed 03-Oct-12 20:01:10

I went to see Jesus CHrist Superstar in Cardiff last night after that very tense week we all shared! Here's my report:
Ben is very , very good at Gethsemane. He is less good at the gentle bits. THey have given hima horrid wig and he isn;t a great actor. He does well though.
Tim Minchin is officially the world's coolest man. His voice is awesome and his acting is brilliant, especially int he suicide scene, but also when more subtlety is required. He is also very hot with long dreads, tattoos and muscles. I am jealous of Mrs. Minchin.
Mel C is good, but a bit outclassed both in singing and acting.
CHris Moyles scene is very good, but it is the produciton rather than him.
The minor roles are all really strong.
THe chorus are the best I have scene - very, very hard working.
GLasses Jesus (WHo DD knows, if you remember) adn Baby Jesus (I think - Jeff?) are both in the chorus. I felt all maternal about them.
If you can get tickets, do.

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