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amber5 Tue 21-Mar-06 11:53:45

Is anyone watching American Idol - Friday eve on ITV2 & repeated many times throughout the weekend. Who do we like to win?

amber5 Tue 21-Mar-06 18:26:07

just me then!! i'll get me coat...

kipper22 Wed 22-Mar-06 10:44:15

no amber! i've been watching it but i'm dim and can't remember hardly any of their names! i'm glad that girl went on saturday as she murdered one of my all time favourite songs. Like the man with the long blonde hair and think kelly pickler (see I learnt one!) is hilarious!

amber5 Wed 22-Mar-06 11:42:13

Ooo, you mean Bucky - did you see his identical twin Rocky!! would love to meet their mum!!!
Yes the forgettable girl who got lyrics wrong in front of Stevie Wonder, then on the live show, and even as she sang her goodbye song, didn't like her anyway.

kipper22 Wed 22-Mar-06 11:45:43

missed him! who do you like then? tbh my fav thing is simon cowell! he winds me up on the british one but think he's the only one who doesn't spend the whole time trying to suck up to the contestants. oh, and the name ryan seacrest really makes me laugh - no idea why!

Spatz Wed 22-Mar-06 12:37:47

I also love this - I think Mandisa and Paris (?) are amazing. In fact, most of them are really good - I can't imagine how they're going to sort them out.

GDG Wed 22-Mar-06 12:38:37

I like Elliot best

amber5 Wed 22-Mar-06 12:43:42

I actually like most of them. They're so much more talented than people we get on british shows.
Katherine (long dark hair, looks a bit like Martine Mcthingy off eastenders)
Elliott & Chris - both skinheads who can really sing.
Taylor Hicks - guy with v grey hair, also love his name
Paris & Lisa - both really young (16 & 17 i think) black girls with amazing voices
can't decide who will win...

I also think Simon is the only one who will say anything negative, Paula also finds a positive, i.e. will tell them they're a beautiful person = you're ugly and can't sing!!

Lucycat Wed 22-Mar-06 12:45:49

oooh I love American Idol!

My money is on Taylor to win, although I have a very soft spot for Chris! Out of the girls I do like Kellie Pickler but I love Paris' voice when she picks the right song.

Really makes my Friday night!

Spatz Wed 22-Mar-06 12:47:19

Glad to find some other fans - my DH always pulls a pitying face when I watch this and goes off to learn to play the piano in the other room. Arse!

Lucycat Wed 22-Mar-06 12:52:25

My dh will 'read' the sports bit of the paper and suddenly pipe up 'ooh I don't like her dress ' or 'that was terribly flat' so I think I've converted him! (as long as he can put the rugby league on in the adverts!)

Spatz Wed 22-Mar-06 12:53:34

I've rather given in since it's on a Friday night and I video it to watch during the week - maybe I should persist - I think he'd get into it, really. We watched it in America and he loved it.

amber5 Wed 22-Mar-06 13:28:29

Spatz, it's repeated on sunday lunch time too if that's more convenient.

Glad no-one's said they like Kevin yet - looks like Chicken Little and is more annoying than Gareth Gates

Spatz Wed 22-Mar-06 13:30:01

I find the Kevin thing incomprehensible - is it the granny vote, that keeps him going? He sings okay, but I can't imagine him being anyone's idol!

kipper22 Wed 22-Mar-06 15:19:32

i think he's getting the sympathy vote!

amber5 Fri 24-Mar-06 23:27:12

Hurray! sympathy for Kevin runs out tonight

Lucycat Fri 21-Apr-06 21:24:46

Is anyone else really irritated by the way itv2 'edit' the first programme? drives me bonkers! cut off interviews, rush it through so they can fit more sdverts in grrr.

Chris all the way btw

yes I know I'm sad!!

kipper22 Mon 24-Apr-06 13:11:49

missed it at the weekend - who went? what did they sing? who was good/rubbish? I'm also loving Chris btw!

DaddyCool Mon 24-Apr-06 13:14:13

chris. it can only be chris.

saying that, that really good looking brown haired girl seems to be doing rather well.

Lucycat Mon 24-Apr-06 16:23:05

Can't believe Chris was in the bottom two!

Stick with the rock music Chris!!

amber5 Mon 24-Apr-06 20:26:05

Kipper - Ace Young went home (supposedly very good looking guy)
Daddycool - you mean Katherine McPhee (she's got the 'McFever')
Lucycat - I was so cross, i almost could be arsed to complain to ITV!!!

I challenge anyone to be sadder than me about American Idol

kipper22 Mon 24-Apr-06 21:12:41

ooohhh, glad ace went, he made my skin crawl!

JoolsToo Mon 24-Apr-06 21:15:27

Elliot, Taylor, Katharine

the others can forget it

Chris is so up his own

jOoLsTOo Fri 28-Apr-06 20:42:35

my word Katharine was HOT tonight!

jOoLsTOo Fri 28-Apr-06 20:43:57

they didn't like it! WHAAAAAAAT?

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