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Panorama - is this real?

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cherrypieandicecream Mon 24-Sep-12 20:54:16

Is anyone else watching this and worrying that Head Teachers and Governors don't seem to have basic skills such as getting quotes and comparing prices on google!

I agree that the scammers are scum, but the BBC are acting like there is no-way that the Heads / Governors could possible have forseen this because of the cuts at Local Authorities, but come on, paying £3k for a laptop that a search on Amazon would tell you cost £500 is nothing to do with cuts, its more to do with people not being as responsible with state money as they would be with their own! To right these Heads should have been suspended / sacked, this isn't a case of not having detailed legal knowledge, its to do with having a simple brain!!

germyrabbit Mon 24-Sep-12 22:49:27

so many got scammed so i doubt it was as easy to spot as you are making out!

hopefully criminal charges will be bought but it's pretty sad that the cuts allowed the scammers to carry this out so easily

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