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Saw Jesus Christ Superstar tonight

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wherearemyGOLDsocks Sat 22-Sep-12 23:58:57

and loved it.

Ben was a great choice as Jesus and Tim Minchin was awesome, even Chris Moyles was good, funny.

If you have a chance to get tickets I highly recommend it.

RandallPinkFloyd Sun 23-Sep-12 00:05:16

Wel jel envy

crazynanna Sun 23-Sep-12 00:06:43

I saw it back in 1976.

Clawdy Sun 23-Sep-12 16:47:00

So did I, crazynanna,and again about eight years ago. Both times it was amazing. I just don't see Chris Moyles in that part.What was Mel C like, whereare mygoldsocks ?

Animation Sun 23-Sep-12 18:25:35

I should imagine Chris Moyles plays a good Herod - and sings the - "So you are the Christ yes the great Jesus Christ.." very well!

cardibach Sun 23-Sep-12 18:46:56

I'm going on the 2nd October - glad it's good!

MadameCupcake Sun 23-Sep-12 19:36:38

Saw it last night, sat right in the middle 8 rows back so amazing view.

Was very impressed with Ben Forster, Tim Minchin and suprisingly Mel C, really enjoyed her portrayal as its suited this production of it!

Chris Moyles was not the best Herod I have seen and he didn't actually sing just spoke the song but it did actually work as the concept was very good for that scene!

As a whole it was breathtaking and I would go again and again to see it!

OrangePlumPie Mon 24-Sep-12 19:55:38

Very jealous - wanted to take the DCs but it was way too expensive! sad

Maybe they will do a DVD?? Here's hoping!

LotsofDots Mon 24-Sep-12 20:59:39

They are definitely doing a DVD. You can preorder it on amazon now.

LotsofDots Mon 24-Sep-12 21:00:00

The DVD is available to preorder on amazon now. I'm v pleased as couldn't go to the show near to us, and a DVD Is much cheaper!

LotsofDots Mon 24-Sep-12 21:00:42

God knows why that message appeared twice. The first once vanished into the ether...

maillotjaune Mon 24-Sep-12 22:05:41

I went in Friday. Loved it (mainly).

Tim Minchin was fab. Loved Pilate and the high priests.

Not sure about Mel C. I don't like Moyles and although he got a big reception it just pissed me off that he can't sing.

I am just a little bit obsessed at the moment. It was a bit one volume, loud all the way through although perhaps I am just old but I hadn't listened to the music for years and loved it. Still remember just about every word toogrin

BegoniaBampot Tue 25-Sep-12 00:31:03

Would love to see this. Was a fan of the movie and have the soundtrack - amazing!

LineRunner Tue 25-Sep-12 00:34:15

Chris Moyles thinks he can sing.

yearsofrefusal Mon 01-Oct-12 12:01:06

I went with the family last night, wow I was blown away,Tim Minchin stole the show for me,the passion he shown in the garden of gethsemane prior to him hanging himself was quite incredable. Ben was spot on too and Mel c proved again that a spice girl can actually sing. Andrew Lloyd webber made an apperance at the end which capped a great nights entertainment. (Did he show up at the other venues?)

hellsbells76 Mon 01-Oct-12 12:09:21

I saw it at the O2 on the opening night and it was absolutely wonderful. My sister has set up a fb group for people who've seen it and can't get it out of their heads if anyone in the same situation would like to join us!

hellsbells76 Mon 01-Oct-12 12:09:34


cardibach Wed 03-Oct-12 20:23:20

I just started another thread, having forgotten this one! Here it is: unnecessary new thread

EthelredOnAGoodDay Thu 04-Oct-12 22:23:34

I am going on 21st October! Cannot wait I love that show!!!

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