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Downton Abbey - update required

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StagnantRabbit Wed 12-Sep-12 21:16:23

Any big Downton fans out there who can tell me what happened in the very last episode of series 2 and also the Xmas special? Tryin to get ready for the new series on Sunday but is there anything else I missed? (apart from Lady Mary and Matthew getting together that is)

GeorginaWorsley Sun 07-Oct-12 21:49:40

Oh heartbreaking.What a lovely little boy.
A cruel world then for someone in Ethel's position.

ErikNorseman Sun 07-Oct-12 21:49:58

I suppose Isobel couldn't take her, everyone in the town knew she was a prostitute, Charlie would have been shunned and it wouldn't have worked. Ethel's best hope would be factory work or similar, which probably just wouldn't pay enough to support her and Charlie. It was pretty impossible for a woman to support herself and a child in a 'respectable' way - no house would employ an unwed mother, even leaving aside the prostitution. And factory work would have been long hours and shit pay, with nobody to look after Charlie. Sadly she probably didn't have a choice if she wanted him to have a decent life. The life of an illegitimate child of a prostitute would have been hopeless.

Chubfuddler Sun 07-Oct-12 21:50:05

Struggling to care about pickle and stupid hair Sybil right now.

tribpot Sun 07-Oct-12 21:50:07

So Sybil now has the real police as well as the Hairdo Police after her.

I'd like to see them do something other than the most obvious storyline for Ethel. Patrick Stewart's brother was born in 1925 and his mother petitioned his father for child support (he was illegitimate). Obv Ethel can't do that, but it shows there were other (dreadful and stigmatised) choices for a mother of an illegitimate child.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Sun 07-Oct-12 21:50:36

bossy I think you're right.

Poor Ethel, what a gorgeous little boy.

Chubfuddler Sun 07-Oct-12 21:50:47

Yum yum

Chubfuddler Sun 07-Oct-12 21:52:03

Ooh it's w b Yeats all over.

Chubfuddler Sun 07-Oct-12 21:53:12

Edith wrote to a newspaper. Good for Edith.

Fuck off fatty bum bum

notheroldie Sun 07-Oct-12 21:55:40

there are the looks from thomas to the new footman... it'll be steaming soon....

Chubfuddler Sun 07-Oct-12 21:57:06

I love mrs Hughes more than anything.

Chubfuddler Sun 07-Oct-12 21:58:17


ErikNorseman Sun 07-Oct-12 21:58:18

O'brien has good gaydar and is setting up Thomas and jimmy, they will be at it somewhere and she will engineer the whole thing getting exposed.

Yay Edith!

notheroldie Sun 07-Oct-12 21:58:27

go Edith .... Go EDITH !!! yay!

Bue Sun 07-Oct-12 21:58:47

Feminist Edith!!!!! Yay!!!!!

ErikNorseman Sun 07-Oct-12 22:00:40

Aw poor Daisy! Someone needs to start a new thread btw, this one takes months to load.

Bossybritches22 Sun 07-Oct-12 22:01:00

Ah not quite arrested but exiled. He'll be off then, Pickle won't stay.

Chubfuddler Sun 07-Oct-12 22:02:13

Newspaper column! Ace!

visualarts Sun 07-Oct-12 22:02:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notheroldie Sun 07-Oct-12 22:03:25

next week looks good....

ErikNorseman Sun 07-Oct-12 22:04:29

Well! So I was wrong - so why the bloody hell didn't she think of that before Ethel gave up her son??? FFS.

Do we reckon jimmy isn't gay then but O'brien will convince Thomas that he is interested and stitch him up that way? Thomas is so heading for a fall.

dapplegrey Sun 07-Oct-12 22:04:42

It does indeed, notheroldie. Can't wait.

zookeeper Sun 07-Oct-12 22:06:30

Ethel will be live in housekeeper and then somehow the child will be returned to her and be the darling of the house

I think so Erik, Thomas has a track record of being pretty confident in his approach to other men, remember he tried it with the Turk.

visualarts Sun 07-Oct-12 22:08:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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