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Downton Abbey - update required

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StagnantRabbit Wed 12-Sep-12 21:16:23

Any big Downton fans out there who can tell me what happened in the very last episode of series 2 and also the Xmas special? Tryin to get ready for the new series on Sunday but is there anything else I missed? (apart from Lady Mary and Matthew getting together that is)

pmgkt Wed 12-Sep-12 21:19:06

The other daughter married and moved to Ireland, and Mr bates went to prison. I think the dodgy butler lad got his job but I can't remember in the end. It's on itv3 at 5ish if you want to catch up.

beujolais Wed 12-Sep-12 21:25:42

Spanish flu hit and took out lavinia swire therefore paving the way for lady mary! oh and edith may have another shot at sir anthony strallen, bless. Sunday will open a new chapter, can't wait! Sybil married branson the driver and got preggers. Series 2 is a tenner in asda, buy it and you can catch up before sunday, but you can't leave the house!

Elephantscanwearorangeandgold Wed 12-Sep-12 21:30:01

Lavina was taken by flu. Bates was arrested. Thomas got his job back.
Xmas special.
Matthew and mary got engaged. Bates was sentenced to death but then got life inside.

Series two box set is worth it.

beujolais Wed 12-Sep-12 21:35:01

It's lovely curling up on the couch on a sunday, curtains drawn with cake and coffee watching it. my idea of heaven on earth.

StagnantRabbit Wed 12-Sep-12 21:36:58

Thanks everyone.
Death penalty for Bates? What the hell for?
Will try and catch up on ITV 3...
I have the box sets but sadly series 2 started jumping literally 5 mins from the end.... so anoying! I tried countless tims to get it working.
Enjoy series 3.

Elephantscanwearorangeandgold Wed 12-Sep-12 21:40:48

He apparently killed vera bates. So he got done for murder. Anna cried. Robert grantham testified but he got sentenced a--and i cried--

CiderwithBuda Wed 12-Sep-12 21:44:56

Is it back on Sunday? How exciting! I kept meaning to check.

Only problem I have is that MIL will be here. She is lovely but talks all the way through TV programmes! I know she likes it too so maybe she will be quiet!

beujolais Wed 12-Sep-12 21:49:20

I hate it when that happens, so infuriating! I hop they release bates, it's only right! How wicked was vera bates? rotten cow she was!

beujolais Wed 12-Sep-12 21:50:36

It drives my crazy when people chat when you're watching something! They don't seem to get the hint when your head is turned in the tvs direction!

Elephantscanwearorangeandgold Thu 13-Sep-12 07:54:29

Dd and me love it.
I cried all through episode 5 of series two.

ThePsychicSatsuma Fri 14-Sep-12 20:28:38

oooh sunday night 9pm am so excited :-)

milktraylady Fri 14-Sep-12 20:30:28

Hi the old series have been showing on itv3 everyday. The last episode is on tomorrow at 5pm. then the new series starts on Sunday.

ThePsychicSatsuma Fri 14-Sep-12 20:31:24

...and that american battleaxe is in it shirley maclaine Awesome.

ThePsychicSatsuma Fri 14-Sep-12 20:32:53

thanks for that just set up that to record tomorrow at 5pm

milktraylady Fri 14-Sep-12 22:53:51

Double booking with strictly!

Goldelephantslikedowntonabbey Sat 15-Sep-12 07:13:56

Eeek! I cannot wait! Will we have a thread?

Animation Sat 15-Sep-12 07:16:56

"It's lovely curling up on the couch on a sunday, curtains drawn with cake and coffee watching it. my idea of heaven on earth."

My idea of heaven too - infront of the fire. (smile)

brew biscuit

Bossybritches22 Sat 15-Sep-12 16:08:45


Christmas Special being shown again on ITV3 @5pm for an update

We will have to have a new thread this one will be half full by tomorrow & the way we pull the plot apart critique it we'll hit the 1000 by the second ad break ! grin

Bossybritches22 Sat 15-Sep-12 18:48:10

Oh I do love the Dowager!! grin

springlamb Sun 16-Sep-12 09:23:45

DH and I watched the Xmas special again late last night (I bought it him for his birthday back in Feb!)
Very much looking forward to Carlyle's revenge and the true story of who killed Mrs Bates (I think he will get off eventually but I think he probably did it, sorry). And the chauffer (?sp, still too early) taking his place at the dinner table!
But most of all, looking forward to the Dowager.
Carlyle: I shall be leaving in the morning and I doubt we shall meet again.
Dowager: Do you promise?
I hope I end up with a tongue like hers, albeit an impoverished one!

Bossybritches22 Sun 16-Sep-12 09:28:43

springlamb that's the line that made me chortle, followed by her assurances to Matthew when he apologised for breaking the vase whilst pasting Sir Richard defending Mary .....

"please don't worry, I've never liked it, it was a wedding present from my mother and I've hated it for 50 years!"

MarthasHarbour Sun 16-Sep-12 17:51:13

I aspire to be the Dowager in my Autumn years! My best friend passed away this year and she was a huge fan of Dowager Countess and Lady Catherine de Burgh (pride and prejudice) - i am going to be a cross between the two in her memory!! smile

GoldandOrangeAnnunziata Sun 16-Sep-12 17:51:39

Wasn't Sybil supposed to be pregnant? She doesn't look it in the clips they have shown!

GeorginaWorsley Sun 16-Sep-12 18:02:24

OOh cannot wait.
Will have nice glass of wine at ready...

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