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New Masterchef Australia series 4 starts tonight!!

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PotteringAlong Sun 09-Sep-12 10:28:36

watch, 7pm.

I'm VERY excited grin

JoandMax Sun 09-Sep-12 15:02:08

Thank you so much!!! I am feeling rough and sorry for myself and this has made my day!

Love love love Australian Masterchef! Enjoy x

PotteringAlong Sun 09-Sep-12 15:35:39

Me too! Souch better than the UK one! Hoe you feel better soon!

NettOlympicSuperstar Sun 09-Sep-12 15:38:30

I've only just seen the first one, as I've only had Sky a few months.
I fell totally in love with Chris Badenoch, and am cooking his crispy pig's head for Christmas dinner, once I've bought his book from Australian E-Bay.
Can't find it anywhere over heresad

NotInMyDay Sun 09-Sep-12 15:44:45

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aussie Masterchef. I went to Australia for a month last October which was midway through the series here but it was finished over there. It was torture making sure I didn't find out who won.

Sooo excited!

PotteringAlong Sun 09-Sep-12 17:54:41

I have a copy if julie's book from when she won that someone bought over from Oz for me - I'd love Chris' book!

NettOlympicSuperstar Sun 09-Sep-12 18:32:21

That's on Amazon here, I will get it at some point, but it's Chris's, (Chris'?, not sure of correct grammar there) I want.
Everything about him, I loved, his attitude to food, his cooking, the fact that he's not into desserts, his laid back attitude, his love of beer, the nose to tail eating.
I think he should have wongrin
Am so glad he's done well and has his own restaurant.
I need to see series two and three now.

Otherworld Sun 09-Sep-12 23:05:51

Yay! Hoped there'd be a thread already smile

Loving seeing Masterchef Australia back grin

MsNobodyIsOrangeAgain Mon 10-Sep-12 13:23:03

Last nights was ok. I like it more when it gets 'serious', so there are not so many in it.

Some good food last night though. Made me rather hungry smile

SavoyCabbage Mon 10-Sep-12 13:27:43

Now I don't want you to burst but, there is a 'Masterchef all stars' too that we have had in Australia. Four people from the previous three years in each team. (Not 2012.)

MsNobodyIsOrangeAgain Mon 10-Sep-12 13:31:36

But, will they show it in the UK?


SavoyCabbage Mon 10-Sep-12 13:34:21

Surely they will. It was on the night after the 2012 one finished here.

Start a petition as a back up plan! "we want Kumar" t-shirts should be printed and cravats ordered.

imustbepatient Wed 12-Sep-12 17:05:53

Woohoo! I got very into this two years ago when on maternity leave with DD1. Am so thrilled that this series is now perfectly timed for my upcoming maternity leave with DD2!

Pinkmumma Wed 12-Sep-12 17:12:33

Thrilled it's back on smile

LIZS Sat 15-Sep-12 19:13:18

Why are Watch messing around with the programming ? angry 2 hour programmes , mystery box on a Friday with 2 day break to the challenge.

PotteringAlong Sat 15-Sep-12 19:16:07

All stars?!? It'd better be here grin

Schnarkle Sun 16-Sep-12 20:33:28

hmm when was the invention test on last week, I've just started to watch tonights and its a chef v contestant episode. I've missed where this guy won the right to go up against the chefs?

I thought I watched it all last week, very confused here. doesn't take much

LIZS Mon 17-Sep-12 08:48:04

That was Friday's (repeated Saturday early afternoon) - A challenge on a French theme to get the final entrants into the 24 then a mystery box containing a mirror to put themselves on a plate ! Normally Friday is Masterclass but that was on Thursday. It feeles very disjointed at the moment and , worse than that, they've changed the theme tune!

Schnarkle Mon 17-Sep-12 16:24:11

And to top that off Lisz, the bloomin tv guide on sky is giving what happens and contestants involved for every night this week. I was looking for my lost episode when I saw it.

I am a big fan of masterchef Australia, but this series so far all the shrieking from the contestants is making me want to throw buckets of iced water over them. It's a competition people, get those game faces ON grin

Pootle78 Mon 17-Sep-12 21:08:08

Lizs glad I'm not the only one disappointed with the change in music, was already to sing it earlier and it wasn't what I expected!

I really wish our Masterchef would follow this format but I think BBC wouldn't be able to find the space, this'll go on to Christmas I think!

invicta Mon 17-Sep-12 21:11:20

I know the cameraman from Austalian Masterchef!

PseudoBadger Tue 18-Sep-12 19:17:04

Just caught up with last night's episode - what a disaster was the pasta ID test!

LIZS Tue 18-Sep-12 20:04:21

Masterclass tonight confused

Davros Wed 26-Sep-12 13:00:56

Our show could never follow this format, have you seen the amount of advertising and sponsorship? Ours is on the poor old BBC!
Although I love Australian MC, it astounds me how useless so many of them are. That Filippo just won best dish with some crap cake that took him an hour and a half! Also Emma is shite, she gets on my tits.

DuaneDibbley Wed 26-Sep-12 15:24:28

I know, the money behind it is amazing - budgets of $1000?

I think they love Felipo <Grrr> did you see the episode where the top three dishes had been decided but the judges gave a 4th 'place' to him? Grr grrr

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