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Dragons Den

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MsNobodyIsOrangeAgain Sat 08-Sep-12 17:01:33

Tomorrow, BBC2 at 9pm.

Will Hilarys shoulder pads get any bigger?
Will Peters teeth be whiter?
Will Theo say "you want me to invest my childrens inheritance in THAT?"
Will Deborah still look like she's permanently sucking a lemon?
Will Duncan still be a twat?

You will get the answers if you dare to enter the Dragons Den grin

SoleSource Sat 08-Sep-12 17:51:37

Oooh perfect summary! Deborah is the dragon. Really like Hilary though but she does look as if she needs a better stylist, make-up artist.

MsNobodyIsOrangeAgain Sat 08-Sep-12 18:05:38

I like Hilary too. She's my favourite. She embraced the Dallas/Dynasty look for sure (it's alright for me to mock, at least she's got money! smile )

SoleSource Sat 08-Sep-12 18:09:22

Yes mock away I never thought you didnt lime Hilary. Just was surprised I did when I watched her, I was.thinking when I wrote my response.

She is a bit strange but mind as sharp as a razor,.puts.the others to shame. Her advice is real, kind and good. U

SoleSource Sat 08-Sep-12 18:10:55

Dalla Dynasty lol

Did you watch the documentary about Hilary, years ago?

Please BBC get rid of that Deborah, she is horrible.

SlimJimBra Sat 08-Sep-12 18:12:37

ooh, thanks for the heads up on a new series smile
I like Hilary best too - she's still human

SoleSource Sat 08-Sep-12 18:13:51

Ooh lol slim yes she ! Others are arrogant twats.

SoleSource Sat 08-Sep-12 18:14:22

Sunday..tomorrow yay

MsNobodyIsOrangeAgain Sat 08-Sep-12 18:25:01

Sole she is sharp. I agree she puts the others to shame. Deborah needs to go, she's dull as dishwater.

I did watch that documentary years ago. She's worked hard, had a son go off the rails, etc. I love her voice. smile

SoleSource Sun 09-Sep-12 21:03:37

Anybody watching?

Jellykat Sun 09-Sep-12 21:07:27

Well whatd'ya know Sole.. great minds! grin

Hillarys hair looked better straight i reckon

SoleSource Sun 09-Sep-12 21:09:38

Evening jelly smile



Old trafford hair bars dounds goodmust be expwnsive

Why do they not know their figures it is qierd every single fucking time grrr

SoleSource Sun 09-Sep-12 21:10:45

She makes lots

Jellykat Sun 09-Sep-12 21:11:18

Agree, i wouldn't dare go on there without knowing my figures inside out!

Ilovedaintynuts Sun 09-Sep-12 21:12:59

Hilary's make-up! She must have some kind of advisor/friend?

KenDoddsDadsDog Sun 09-Sep-12 21:13:27

Hilary looks like a china doll this evening

TheMonster Sun 09-Sep-12 21:14:08

This woman is stupid.

SoleSource Sun 09-Sep-12 21:15:20

Dallas/Dynasty is hiring

I really do not gey how she knows nothing about overheads, wages,.profit, loss, insurance, all of it

Ilovedaintynuts Sun 09-Sep-12 21:15:30

They never learn! Why don't they know the basics about their business?

SoleSource Sun 09-Sep-12 21:16:34

Or if you do not know hire a professional to tell you, they only want to knowthe £

SoleSource Sun 09-Sep-12 21:18:04

After they have had tbeir money back and a bit more.they hace efucated them and built a business. Its a priviledge. % is so worth it.

SoleSource Sun 09-Sep-12 21:18:49


SoleSource Sun 09-Sep-12 21:21:24

Anybody else not really like Deborah?

Jellykat Sun 09-Sep-12 21:23:43

I like them all really, but only fancy Duncan grin

This guy - £22 for a courier anywhere in UK did he say? How?

SoleSource Sun 09-Sep-12 21:26:43

Yeah, strange.

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