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Fans of the Killing - series 3

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RobotLover68 Sat 01-Sep-12 20:21:54

Was just looking at Wikipedia and according to them Series 3 is due to begin broadcasting in the UK on 17 November 2012


festereagain Wed 26-Sep-12 13:03:49

It certainly has a political element in it too though so perhaps this is a subplot. Don't let my dodgy Danish put you off...

carabos Fri 02-Nov-12 21:18:38

Is this happening does anyone know?

CaptainNancy Sun 04-Nov-12 17:22:24

17th november, BBC4

Can't wait to see the new Lund jumper...

NevermarriedDuranduran Sun 04-Nov-12 19:10:49

Just marking my place to join in, DH and I have just ploughed through the boxset of season 1 and 2, we are obsessed. It took us less than a week, we havent slept properly since we started.... its SupErb!!!! Cant believe I missed it when it was first on! Am shouting random danish phrases at the children, as DH retalliates with his best THEIIIS!!! TROELS!!! and PROUST!!! BILAAL!!!
Cant wait for season 3!! Woop Woop!

NevermarriedDuranduran Sun 04-Nov-12 19:11:23

Sorry forgot RAAAABEN!!

HousewifefromBethlehem Thu 15-Nov-12 16:22:12

Bumping this with excitement!

Bring on Saturday!

In the news it said the producers tried to stop her wearing her famous jumpers and wear heels. Sh said no, praise the lord grin

crunchbag Thu 15-Nov-12 16:40:32

Marking my place grin

Wonder how long it will take before we hear 'hvor er Lund?'

HousewifefromBethlehem Thu 15-Nov-12 16:58:52

It's like waiting for the birth of a new kid in this house grin

gingercat12 Fri 16-Nov-12 12:53:30

festereagain OMG! I opened the link and Sara Lund is wearing a shirt with a tie shock

stclemens Fri 16-Nov-12 21:18:56

Just marking my place...

CruCru Sun 18-Nov-12 17:10:12

What did you all think? I have Sky + it so will watch it tonight.

Chandon Tue 20-Nov-12 17:38:46

Oh, I am a bit disappointed.

Disappointed that she missed the train, not like her at all.

And the ending of episode 2 was just crass and stupid (who was the guy anyway?).

The strength of the series was a kind of realism, now it is just a crazy psycho serial killer, so much less interesting.


MrsMiniversCharlady Sun 25-Nov-12 20:41:15

Did nobody watch yesterday's episodes? Noticed in Primark today that they're selling 'Sarah's' fluffy jumper grin

elportodelgato Sun 25-Nov-12 20:45:40

YES I was watching last night, from behind a cushion mostly. Amazingly gripping telly, bloody love Sarah Lund and her grumpy mum jumpers

Deux Wed 28-Nov-12 23:58:46

I am enjoying this but i keep getting confused and think I'm watching Borgen, then realise it's the Killing.

I think I've watched too much Skandi TV.

I'm hoping the pace will up a bit this week.

franklyidontgiveadamn Sat 01-Dec-12 20:29:18

Hoping the same - so far it's full of holes. Why on earth would juncker run all the way to the building where he saw the light signal and not just radio for someone else to get straight there?

RedcupsforChristmas Sat 01-Dec-12 22:36:22

Ladies, ladies, you are on the wong thread! Come and join us in our jumpers on the "hej och Hilser Velkommen" thread further down!!!

Deux Tue 04-Dec-12 15:58:53

I wondered why there wasn't a Killing thread. That explains it. My Danish is obviously no where near as good as I thought it was. Will need to watch even more Skandi TV now. smile

ThatVikRinA22 Tue 08-Jan-13 21:48:34

ive trawled the boards for this thread....

i had the whole series 3 taped and watched the final one today.


i really wanted her to shoot the bastard.
and then when she did i wish she hadnt. why the sad end.....fuck a duck.
its unlikely they will ever make another series.
so i will never know - happiness was in her reach!! why? why!!!!

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