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Person Of Interest anyone?

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whatkungfuthat Wed 29-Aug-12 17:24:39

I quite like it, although Reese's voice drives me mad. I have read that it really finds its feet later in the series and some of the storylines come together.

WhatMakesYouSay Thu 30-Aug-12 14:49:12

Yes, I've watched the whole series, and there are lots of little threads that come together towards the end. I loved all of it, and I didn't find his voice distracting after a while, although it did take some getting used to.

Am on countdown for series 2 now!

ExitStencilist Thu 30-Aug-12 15:20:25

I might go back to it then, about 3/4's of the way through series one I got bored, it seemed very samey and I gave up on it.

MinnieBar Thu 30-Aug-12 21:42:32

Hmm, I was just debating giving up on it. I loved Alias and really want to like this but it's really pushing my 'preposterous' quota and Jim Caviezel can't bloody act although he is easy on the eye

Is he called Reese as in Mr Reese = mysterious? Because that's a bit crap...

WhatMakesYouSay Fri 31-Aug-12 08:35:05

hmm, hadn't actually considered that, Minnie! I don't think so, although it's fairly clear that it isn't really his name. I do think it's managed to set up some interesting questions for the new series.

I really enjoy it, but my threshold for TV shows is quite low - my current favourite is Strike Back, which wins because things blow up and there are nearly naked men every week <shallow>

Slatternismymiddlename Sat 01-Sep-12 12:36:33

Whatmakes - I'm with you. I love strike back and intend to be the next Mrs Damien Scott, although that will probably mean I will get killed off pronto.

I wasn't too sure about person of interest during the pilot but it has grown on me and I thoroughly enjoy it now.

WhatMakesYouSay Sat 01-Sep-12 19:23:09

ah, slattern is a woman after my own heart, clearly. Although I will fight you for the title of Mrs Scott!!

Slatternismymiddlename Sat 01-Sep-12 20:30:08

Whatmakes - I might be prepared to take you up on that challenge but I think that it is probably safe to say we can both have a crack at him and we would both be successful - a girl in every port!

WhatMakesYouSay Sat 01-Sep-12 23:06:28

grin slattern

It's so nice to find someone else who can enjoy a truly trashy show for what it is! I was chatting to a twitter friend the other day while watching and we decided that the lovely Mr Scott must have a contract clause specifying the number of minutes he's required to spend without a shirt in each episode. We also decided this was a good thing!!

Slatternismymiddlename Sun 02-Sep-12 20:06:44

Whatmakes - I am truly an expert on trashy tv, but I can't bear reality tv. Give me US drama anytime. Person of interest, strike back, supernatural, good wife, revenge to name but a few.

Also, whoever was involved in Damien Scott's contract negotiations deserves a round of applause!

WhatMakesYouSay Sun 02-Sep-12 22:57:43

I will see your list of trash and raise you Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, Suits and Necessary Roughness - if you haven't tried them, you should!

I would agree that whoever put that clause in his contract should receive some sort of honour!

Also not a reality fan, although I make an exception for Strictly, and I am still cross with Watch for not showing the most recent series' of Dancing With The Stars, forcing me to watch Maks via grainy Youtube videos!

Slatternismymiddlename Mon 03-Sep-12 10:19:13

Whatmakes - ahhhhhhh, how could I have forgotten Vampire Diaries. After Damien Scott is finished with me (about 10 secs after the deed is done) I am going to be Mrs Damian Salvatore. I also was a huge Buffy fan (back in the day) and nobody kicks ass quite like Nikita. Don't even get me started on Teenwolf...... (I am starting to realise why I get no housework done).

I tried Suits but couldn't get into it, is it worth another look? I have not come across Necessary Roughness (which is surprising considering the amount of tv I obviously watch!).

WhatMakesYouSay Mon 03-Sep-12 12:40:02

I love Suits, but it's all about the dialogue, no nice explosions! It does require some concentration, which as you can see, most of my list really don't. I was also a huge Buffy (and Angel) fan.

Necessary Roughness is ace, but I don't think it has been shown over here. It's set around a sports therapist and at least one member of the cast seems to have a similar contract to Mr Scott! It's halfway through the second series now and you can probably find it on Youtube.

Teenwolf I tried and failed with, although I have heard it gets much better after the 1st episode, which was all I watched, so I might be tempted to try again. You can have Damon, I'll take Stefan. Am very impatient for the next series of that to start, along with Supernatural.

It's looking quite good for trashy new shows this autumn as well, and a couple next spring look really good - I tend to watch most things at the time they are on in the US, as I have no patience smile

Slatternismymiddlename Mon 03-Sep-12 22:43:33

Ooooh, Teenwolf is definitely worth a look. Same kind of vibe as Vampire Diaries. I didn't like the first episode at all but a friend had seen more and told me to stick with it, it gets better.

Glad there will be no fall out over the Salvatore bothers smile.

I am sooo looking forward to Dallas starting this week. grin

slalomsuki Tue 04-Sep-12 21:50:50

Not sure about this. Second episode is a bit dull and lacking any suspense. Too neat and tidy with little thinking to be done.

whatkungfuthat Wed 05-Sep-12 16:14:22

Last night's set up the bent cop working with the woman who is after Reese nicely.

Slatternismymiddlename Mon 10-Sep-12 18:31:21

I've just watched the episode with the Wall St. banker - thought it was very good. I think as a series it is getting into its stride.

AllPastYears Mon 10-Sep-12 18:42:16

I'm enjoying it, haven't found any crime-type series I wanted to watch in a while.

But, I have to pay attention really hard to understand what Jim Caviezel is saying! And, I'm wondering if it's going to get boring having him thrash a roomful of guys every time. I like Cold Case, and Without a Trace, and sometimes they fail at what they do. Reese never fails! (yet...)

WhatMakesYouSay Tue 11-Sep-12 00:02:29

AllPast, I did not get bored at any point with Reece thrashing people but there are a couple of times where he does not come out on top.

There are definitely some 'people of interest' who do not get resolved in a tidy way. I do admit though that I have quite low brow tastes <goes back to watching Strike Back>

AllPastYears Tue 11-Sep-12 08:32:31

True he's thrashed too sometimes but he gets the bad guy in the end - it just removes some of the tension if you know he'll win.

Only seen three episodes so far though, maybe he'll lose one time!

whatkungfuthat Wed 26-Sep-12 14:23:05

This is shaping up nicely now, loved last night's although I did suspect that the guy wasn't all he seemed

AllPastYears Wed 26-Sep-12 20:57:30

I was getting confused as to who everyone was, and which side they were on. Am easily confused, maybe I should watch cbeebies instead.

AllPastYears Wed 26-Sep-12 21:00:25

I'm also confused as to why Carter and Fusco are the only senior cops on duty in NYC. confusedgrin

hotflusheskeepmewarm Thu 11-Oct-12 13:00:36

Was going to start a thread on this and found this one.

Is anyone still watching this?

Despite the programme being reassuringly silly I am finding Reese/Jim Caviezel's face just mesmerising, and after the episode where he met Elias I thought the series got a whole lot better...

whatkungfuthat Thu 11-Oct-12 13:23:01

I am definitely still watching, I think its getting better every week and Reese is getting more attractive. If anyone who watches is a Jack Reacher fan I really think Caviezel would have been the perfect choice for to play him too.

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