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Shall I watch Breaking Bad?

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lighthousekeeping Tue 21-Aug-12 14:11:46

Because I cant be bothered to do much today. Is it any good or, should I get into something else?

HarlettOScara Tue 21-Aug-12 14:13:47

Only of there's nothing else you really have to do because you will lose your whole day to it. 'Tis fab smile

lighthousekeeping Tue 21-Aug-12 14:15:29

I want to get the most out of this Netflix thing and, I really wanted to watch The Shield but its not on it.
That good, eh?

HarlettOScara Tue 21-Aug-12 14:42:22

Series one saw me through most of a long haul flight. Series 2 helped to saved sanity during the early days of pregnancy insomnia. Waiting for series 3 to become available on iTunes but might check out Netflix in case it's available there.

What do you think of Netflix? Is it worth The monthly fee?

noddyholder Tue 21-Aug-12 14:45:08

It is amazing. My ds is obsessed! Go on put your feet up

nemno Tue 21-Aug-12 14:47:36

Breaking Bad is great, can't wait for the next series.

lighthousekeeping Tue 21-Aug-12 14:51:05

Im not sure what I think of Netflix, about the same as I do with Sky Anytime, I was expecting to beable to watch things like The Sheild etc Its alot of trawling through alot of rubbish half the time. Mind you, how much would the boxed set of Breaking Bad be? so, in that way its worth it.

Im just watching the pilot. What has his wife been in before?

HarlettOScara Tue 21-Aug-12 15:44:03

According to IMDB, the wife (Anna Gunn) has been in Deadwood and Enemy of the State.

I'm a little bit in love with Jesse.

threesocksmorgan Tue 21-Aug-12 15:46:46

my ds (20 ) keeps telling us to watch this

Nagoo Tue 21-Aug-12 15:47:35


I told my Dad to watch it and I don't think he slept for two weeks grin

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 21-Aug-12 16:41:08

was fab

tbh anything thats on friday night at 10pm on fx is smile

Rindercella Tue 21-Aug-12 17:29:49

I have heard that Breaking Bad is outstanding. I really must get around to watching it.

<waves at Blondes grin>

Itsjustafleshwound Tue 21-Aug-12 17:32:51

I really enjoyed it - very dark humour and a pity that it just seemed to end being shown after series 2 on tv ...

I really enjoyed it. It's such a different, clever story.

Also got into Burn Notice too.

lighthousekeeping Tue 21-Aug-12 21:53:33

I've seen two episodes and, I love it. My friend told me not to watch it before bed. Does it get scared then?

lighthousekeeping Tue 21-Aug-12 21:53:46


HarlettOScara Tue 21-Aug-12 22:30:10

No, I don't recall it being scary at all and I'm the world's biggest wuss

lighthousekeeping Tue 21-Aug-12 23:23:51

I'm going to put episode 3 on then, I'll blame you if I'm still up at 2am smile

brighteyedbusytailed Wed 22-Aug-12 08:13:22

you really should its phenomenal , I'm on S5.

lighthousekeeping Wed 22-Aug-12 09:47:56

I watched five of them, went to bed at 4 am. I like it. At first I was annoyed with him for not accepting any help but now he's got back in touch with his partner so, I reckon this is where it all starts.

I dont know if my brother would like it, Im not sure if its gripping enough to begin with.

Katienana Wed 22-Aug-12 14:13:03

I'm watching Series 3 on Netflix. It's great, I find that one episode a night is enough though as it's quite intense! something like True Blood I can watch several in one go.

SuperB0F Wed 22-Aug-12 14:15:00

It's the best tv show I've ever seen, I think. And I watch a LOT of telly grin

brighteyedbusytailed Thu 23-Aug-12 10:26:06

I love the fact it really doesn't glamorize drug use,
and no character is glamorous.

kitsonkittykat Sun 26-Aug-12 08:09:54

I started watching it because you all said it was so good, and its amazing! I just finished series 1. I hated Weeds, so I didn't bother. How wrong was I!

Pitmountainpony Mon 03-Sep-12 07:12:12

Amazing....just watched last episode of penultimate season in the US and a whole year to wait for the last season........just brilliant and addictive.
Shakespearean in the best way.

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