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DALLAS-it's back!!!!

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Susieloo Fri 17-Aug-12 13:03:12

I don't think I've been this excited about a new series ever!! It looks amazing, trashy, overblown and ridiculous, I can't wait, literally can't wait for it to start, I love Dallas so much I actually contemplated calling my first child Sly after JR's secretary, it's the best name ever!!! Everyone very relieved when baby was a boy.

I've just seen the trailer which is why I'm hysterical, I'll go and calm down now.........

onedev Fri 17-Aug-12 14:53:35

When is it on? grin

IslaValargeone Fri 17-Aug-12 14:55:33

Saw some photos of Linda Gray a while ago, she looks amazing.

LineRunner Fri 17-Aug-12 15:28:53

Aren't they all about a hundred and ten?

I'll be watching, though. I'm still trying to work out the ramifications of Ray Krebbs shagging Lucy who ended up being his niece.

Susieloo Fri 17-Aug-12 16:09:08

Not sure on the date of episode one, I will google and report back, Linda Gary looks younger than she did in the original, wish Pammy was in it, I'm predicting there will be a story line re Christopher's biological parents rockin up wanting money. Hope ray and cliff are in it, and jenna and I hope they still go the oilmans club, really can't calm down about itgrin

onedev Fri 17-Aug-12 16:25:04

I'm disappointed about Pam too - id love as many originals to be in it as possible, including Sly grin.

LineRunner Fri 17-Aug-12 16:47:26

Why won't Pammy do it? After all, it's the hair doing the acting.

IslaValargeone Fri 17-Aug-12 16:55:06

Ray shagged Lucy shock How did I miss that?

LineRunner Fri 17-Aug-12 20:20:10

Maybe I dreamed it grin but in the Pilot episode or the first episode, didn't Lucy sneak out of the barn giggling followed by Ray doing up his belt buckle, or something of that ilk?

And then all that got forgotten about.

MrsTomHardy Fri 17-Aug-12 20:22:45

JR looks well old now tho....the others look ok...
Really looking forward to this series

Susieloo Sat 18-Aug-12 01:49:37

Yes line I remember that too

No idea yet when it airs, google doesn't know, will keep looking out for trailers

Wonder if the poisonous dwarf will be making an appearance, she can't be that busy she was in dancing on icesmile

Susieloo Sat 18-Aug-12 07:53:40

It's been mentioned on twitter re the air date which could be the 28/08/12

Mentioned by Nick Hewer of all people, how randomgrin

gregssausageroll Sat 18-Aug-12 09:55:21

I am so looking forward to it. Only 10 eps this season and I don't know if it has been commissioned for a second season or not. Such sad news about larry and cancer.

fussychica Mon 20-Aug-12 12:47:48

Bloody hell another great programme starting as I'm going on holiday - I'll be overloading the Humax at this rate!
Saw Linda grey on the news this morning looking about 60 - can't believe she's 71! Apparently, they reckon at least one facelift - so natural though - need her surgeon NOW!

mumdebump Mon 20-Aug-12 19:53:41

Linda Gray and Larry Hagman were on Chris Evans this morning. They didn't have a clue when it was airing but I think they said it has been signed up for a further 15 episodes! Can't wait! smile

Hassled Mon 20-Aug-12 19:58:37

Ray and the Poison Dwarf definitely had a fling but I think that was OK on account of Ray not being a true Ewing. Well, OK apart from the 20 year age gap.

Waswondering Mon 20-Aug-12 19:59:01

Saw a bit about it on BBC Breakfast today but didn't note when it's showing.

LineRunner Mon 20-Aug-12 19:59:52

Larry Hagman was on the One Show but I had the sound down.

GlaikitFizzog Mon 20-Aug-12 20:01:11

Is it back, really??! I hadn't noticed! They really should do some pr for it. grin

MrsTomHardy Mon 20-Aug-12 20:16:36

It's back in Sept but they won't give out exact date yet!
I cannot wait smile

lizmarshmallow Mon 20-Aug-12 20:25:14

I'm also really excited about this! I called my cats Bobby and Pam, and also love the name Christopher for a boy.
Patrick Duffy was on This Morning (I taped it!) and he's still lovely. I came late to it as I wasn't born when it started, but just live everything about it.

Ray definitely had a fling with Lucy and wasn't Christopher's mum Kristen, who died. Which is why Bobby ended up buying him from Jeff Faraday? [confused face]

Susieloo Mon 20-Aug-12 20:27:59

Apparently they don't want to start a ratings war so are trying to keep the air date secret so the bbc etc dont put up a ratings guaranteed show to take viewers away.

"blood is thicker than water but oil is thicker than both" Aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!gringrin

Way too over excited, please let them do a second seriesgringrin

LineRunner Mon 20-Aug-12 20:31:38

I love Linda Gray. 'Pissed Sue-Ellen' was awesome.

fivegomadindorset Mon 20-Aug-12 20:31:53

I am sooooo excited, at school we were either Dallas or Dynasty.

onedev Mon 20-Aug-12 22:15:01

We happily loved both when we were younger, although think Dallas was my favourite grin

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