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WALKING DEAD FANS - Season three trailer online now!!!!! : )

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wintera Fri 03-Aug-12 22:07:29

Here we go guys - New season starts in America in October

Tillyboo Sat 04-Aug-12 00:08:43

Can't wait, am loving this series !!!!

wintera Sat 04-Aug-12 19:43:28

Erm, where are all The Walking Dead fans then? Usually there's loads of us! lol smile

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 04-Aug-12 21:20:18

So we will get it prob on fx in JAN?

wintera Sun 05-Aug-12 08:25:51

Well fx showed it around the same time as America last season. If I remember correctly, it started in Oct, then they had about six episodes, then there was a break for Christmas etc and then the rest of the season was shown starting in February. Not sure if they'll do the same again or wait to show the season in its entirety. Personally, I'd rather wait and watch the whole season without a break but that's just my preference!

MummyPigsFatTummy Tue 07-Aug-12 15:26:31

Oh fab. I was gutted last night when they announced we would have to wait until next year. I am now addicted (might console myself with Series 1 as only started watching this series)

chickensaresafehere Tue 07-Aug-12 15:37:27

Another 'Walking Dead' addict heregrin
Watched last 2 episodes back to back last night,it's been a long time since I've been that excited about a tv series.I was literally holding my breath through most of it!!
Andrew Lincoln has been excellent,but my favourite is Daryl,I luffs him!!!

Who's your favourite???

Cremolavelodrome Tue 07-Aug-12 15:40:42

O my what is that big building in the closing credits ? < spooked by ensuing season finale anarchy>

lauratheexplorer Tue 07-Aug-12 15:53:26

I can't wait! It looks amazing.

Tillyboo Tue 07-Aug-12 23:53:12

I want to know who the two armless 'Walkers' are & what their story is. They seem pretty 'armless' to me tho chained to scary lady ha! ha!

CapuccinoCannoliLover Wed 08-Aug-12 17:59:39

This looks amazing and David Morrissey is in it too - love him! Cannot wait!

Tillyboo Wed 08-Aug-12 21:53:23

Found out who the two chained zombies are that the sword weilding woman has ... her boyfriend & his best friend, Terry

cornybootseeker Wed 08-Aug-12 22:02:30

Can't wait!!

susiedaisy Sun 12-Aug-12 00:32:37

Wow fab trailer!! Can't wait, can't wait !!grin

susiedaisy Sun 12-Aug-12 09:03:42


wintera Sun 12-Aug-12 09:35:15

Crem - the building in the background at the end of season two is the prison that features in the season three trailer.

susiedaisy Sun 12-Aug-12 11:39:37

The thing is a prison once your in and secured would be great but surely havin thousands of zombie inmates would be a massive health and safety risk grin

wintera Sun 12-Aug-12 13:58:04

I agree, it sounds like a great idea doesn't it? So secure etc but would take a fair bit of de-zombifying first I would think!

olympicaddict Tue 14-Aug-12 10:35:29

Is it really a prison?Oh wow that's really going to send season 3 off with a bang, more zombies than in the farm barn!

susiedaisy Tue 14-Aug-12 10:50:16

Yep can't wait, it will soon come round!!smile

anonacfr Tue 14-Aug-12 14:49:22

Yaaaaaay I'm back! For some reason I've been unable to log in but it's now working again.
I can't watch the trailer as I have three children running all around me all day long. Damn the summer holidays... grin

Sexyfothermucker Thu 11-Oct-12 16:19:02

Series 3 starts on Friday 19th October at 10pm on FX. Just thought I'd let you know grin

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