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New Dr Who series

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LetUsPrey Sun 15-Jul-12 22:42:31

Not sure whether this is old news or not, but according to one of my nephews the new series of Dr Who starts six weeks as yesterday - 25th August.

I've just watched the teaser trailer too. Looks amazing!

JUbilympiX Fri 27-Jul-12 19:13:55

Sadly we don't Cakebot, we're not even cabled up here, nor will ever be sad. It's Sky or nothing. For us that means nothing.

ChoccyJules Mon 30-Jul-12 21:10:52

Clearly having read the thread thus far I will be the only one with a bit of a crush on Rory, then.

Donna was the best modern companion.

Doctors-wise, it seems to fluctuate btwn which episode I am watching at the time, I can magic up a soft spot for any of them!

JUbilympiX Mon 30-Jul-12 22:02:01

We don't have BT vision either! We have Freeview and that's it.

TeamSledward Wed 02-Jan-13 11:01:37

Sorry, know this is an old thread, but has anyone been to the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff.
DH wants to take our dc and is tempted by the merchandise ticket where the kids get a t shirt and certificate but I'm a bit shock at £70 family ticket price.

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