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New Dr Who series

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LetUsPrey Sun 15-Jul-12 22:42:31

Not sure whether this is old news or not, but according to one of my nephews the new series of Dr Who starts six weeks as yesterday - 25th August.

I've just watched the teaser trailer too. Looks amazing!

StetsonsAreCool Thu 19-Jul-12 19:44:58

And I have a bit of a girl crush on Alex Kingston too, so I'll be glad if there's more River timelines grin

LetUsPrey Thu 19-Jul-12 19:45:31

By the way, I'm not 100% about the start date of 25th August. You might want to double check it on t'internet and not take my word for it.

If I'm wrong, then I place all blame entirely upon my nephew.

Mrsjay Thu 19-Jul-12 19:47:38

Oh aye i did have a mushy brain and this confused at the River story and I hated that she was amy and rory's daughter but she was such a cool character wasnt she

Mrsjay Thu 19-Jul-12 19:48:35

MY dds have it on countdown 'somewhere' maybe steven moffats twitter DD1 is a huge DT fan and she is a bit meh about Matt smith

Mrsjay Thu 19-Jul-12 19:50:31

yes Donna was my favourite as well all this mushy after the dr rubbish did me in and martha was just URGh with fawning after him glad she got over him and got with MICKEY of all people

NellyBluth Thu 19-Jul-12 19:50:53

I loved the fact that River is an older woman (I use the term loosely, I just mean she's not 21) but she's allowed to be a cool, sexy action girl. Alex Kingston rocks.

StetsonsAreCool Thu 19-Jul-12 19:54:16

Nelly I think you've stolen my brain, that's why I love AK grin

Mrsjay Thu 19-Jul-12 19:55:37

I loved the fact that River is an older woman (I use the term loosely, I just mean she's not 21) but she's allowed to be a cool, sexy action girl. Alex Kingston rocks.

yip grin

Maryz Thu 19-Jul-12 20:01:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mrsjay Thu 19-Jul-12 20:03:47

I think dd will be back at school by then oh well give her something to look forward to on the saturday

riversongismyhero Thu 19-Jul-12 20:10:09

i think my name might give me away here but i loooved the river storyline. I'm relatively new to the who only picking it up halfway through DTs time (who incidently DP has a total man crush on teehee) but i have to say i couldnt actually commit to either side of the DT/MS debate

i equally like both for different reasons MS i find hilarious and DT brilliant at that hint of darkness. I agree with the poster who said that ms is old in a way DT wasn't.


Maryz Thu 19-Jul-12 20:10:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StetsonsAreCool Thu 19-Jul-12 20:10:58

Oh. sad

Mrsjay Thu 19-Jul-12 20:11:26

didnt they do that last series as well I am sure there was a huge break christmas then it was on again

Mrsjay Thu 19-Jul-12 20:12:41

I think matt smiths doctor is a bit wiser and david tennants doctor was a bit l lonelier and troubled sigh

Maryz Thu 19-Jul-12 20:28:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jux Thu 19-Jul-12 20:36:46

I see I'm outnumbered on the riversong thing. I don't find her timeline confusing just pointless, derivative and uninteresting. I also find the actress posturing and declamatory - rubbish in fact - so even less interest in her silly story.

On the other hand, MS is one of my favourite Drs since it started up again, though I liked DT, but MS is infinitely pref. I also like Amy, but hey, I guess I have to be wrong about one thing or else I'd be perfect, and then everybody'd know I was not actually human, but an alien.

Mrsjay Thu 19-Jul-12 20:41:25

I know poor chris thats when i first started watching but on Watch or Uk gold cant remember, he was good but he seemed really angry the doctor cant be angry he can be wacky and a bit dottery or troubled but not angry although david tennant did angry rather well , I loved the whole david tennant exit story i howled and sobbed ,

Mrsjay Thu 19-Jul-12 20:42:38

actually the Empty child with christopher eccleston is one of my favourite episodes I Hid behind a cushion ,

confessions of scared doctor who fan then aged 38 and a half grin

Shouldacouldawoulda Thu 19-Jul-12 20:44:01

Oh thank goodness we will be back from our holiday in time.

Maryz Thu 19-Jul-12 20:47:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maryz Thu 19-Jul-12 20:48:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mrsjay Thu 19-Jul-12 20:49:09

I saw A K boobies in moll flanders hehehe it was on a few months ago on the freeview history channel

Mrsjay Thu 19-Jul-12 20:49:59

"MrsJay, was that the gas mask one? With "I want my mummy"? I had nightmares about that for years"

Aye it scared me witless <shudder>

Odmedod Thu 19-Jul-12 21:14:27

Christopher Eccleston's Dr seemed very caring actually, but very removed from humans, unlike DT who seemed to try very hard to emulate humans, and MS who seems to very much enjoy the company of humans IYSWIM.
(and yes 'are you my mummy' is just spine chilling <shudder>)

Alex Kingston is a fine, fine woman, isn't she envy

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