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Does anyone still watch neighbours??

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KateBeckett Wed 30-May-12 14:24:51

If anyone does... Can you fill me in on wtf is going on? Haven't watched it for yonks and I'm all confused [hmmm]

KateBeckett Wed 30-May-12 14:25:27

hmm even!

minko Wed 30-May-12 15:00:10

For about the first time since I was 17 I don't really care about Neighbours anymore. It's so hard to care about any of the cardboard characters. Which bit don't you get?
Home and Away is far superior, and there are topless men...

Clawdy Wed 30-May-12 15:34:22

Still watch most nights,know I'm sad...Paul has become a villain again,Susan is editor of the newspaper,Summer is working for her,and has split from Andrew. Toadie and Sonya can't have a baby, Lucas had one night stand and got girl pregnant(now working in Charlies as they do). Michael has left and Tash is living on her own,and Kate is as annoying as ever!

KateBeckett Wed 30-May-12 16:15:35

Right! What's going on with Sophie and Callum and that other girl? Why is Sophie acting like a twat?

Clawdy Wed 30-May-12 17:30:41

She's become a surly teenager and is a bit jealous of their friendship...

FrillyMilly Wed 30-May-12 20:15:06

She trashed a bathroom at school so got kicked out, went to Eden hills, hated it, apologised to principal, went back to erinsborough. In that time Rani and Callum became friends and she is very jealous.

Is Sonya pregnant? She looks pregnant!

SpottyTeacakes Wed 30-May-12 20:16:35

I often think sonia looks pregnant I think it's the unflattering clothes she wears

Clawdy Wed 30-May-12 20:21:26

She does look a bit hefty. I hope she is,that would be a nice storyline...even though her giggling gets on my nerves. Anyone see a bit of chemistry between Vanessa and Rhys?or is she destined for happy families with Lucas?

FrillyMilly Wed 30-May-12 20:31:20

Where do we think Tash will end up? My money is on the Kennedy's.

Clawdy Wed 30-May-12 22:16:52

It's a rule..if you are a teenager on Ramsay St,at some point in your life you will move in with the Kennedys smile

SpanishFly Thu 31-May-12 16:35:38

Sonya drives me mad - that weird OTT acting. She flails her arms about and has weird stary eyes

SunshineOutdoors Fri 01-Jun-12 15:45:45

I thought Sonya was pregnant months ago (obviously I was wrong). Nothing to do with her size, she just seems to wear maternity style tops and dresses all the time.

Lucas being a twat about having equal share of responsibility in creating a life grrrr!

bronze Fri 01-Jun-12 18:03:29

I thought that about Vanessa and Rhys
And though I think he's the type of guy who would step up if he got a girl pregnant he's not the type to take on someone elses. Doesn't stop the writers changing things to suit though

iamme43 Fri 01-Jun-12 19:55:55

Sonia is pregnant she finds out on Monday.............. after taking a routine blood test before giving blood....she runs away distraught and toadie runs after her....Rhys then finds then to give them the news.....

SunshineOutdoors Fri 01-Jun-12 22:56:24

I knew once they stopped trying they'd get pregnant. Neighbours is so obvious!

PuffPants Wed 06-Jun-12 23:24:26

Well, I never knew gay men couldn't give blood. Neighbours is an education.

SpanishFly Thu 07-Jun-12 16:34:31

*NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!!* way to ruin an entire episode...

Sonya has looked pregnant for months. I hope there's no tragic miscarriage - couldnt handle that. Pregnancies on TV are never ever straightforward.

Puffpants, yep, gay men cant give blood. You'd think there would be ways to test them/the blood cheaply these days...?

Cant abide Lou. He makes my skin crawl. And as much as his character has never been particularly likeable, I find it hard to believe he'd con someone out of money...?

Clawdy Fri 08-Jun-12 18:59:22

Oh dear,not sure about Susan's new man...he looks a bit needy...and neck muscles to rival Deirdre Barlow...grin

PuffPants Fri 08-Jun-12 23:24:03

Eew, yoga guy is creepy-looking. How on earth did Susan fancy him, apparenty at first glance! confused

MeFour Fri 12-Oct-12 08:32:29

Anyone think the new kid looks like a youngriver phoenix?

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