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Big Body Squad

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babysbreath Wed 14-Mar-12 20:18:56

Is any watching this at the moment?

My question is how does a bed bound 58 stone man go to the toilet?

sairygamp Wed 14-Mar-12 20:49:19

It's all bit beyond me ....

ripsishere Thu 15-Mar-12 12:15:33

Urine bottles for liquids and, at a guess, an adult nappy for solids.
I have to say, I didn't watch last nights, but was astonished by the man last week who has a lift in his house and a three year old son.
How was the child concieved? I have seen naked fat people, sometimes their cocks external genitals aren't visible. Same goes for the women too.

babysbreath Thu 15-Mar-12 21:14:54

ripsishere thank you for your answer. You are on the same wave length as me on the chap with the three year old!!

ripsishere Thu 15-Mar-12 22:17:17

Astonishing no? I don't denigrate anyone for being overweight/obese. I am clinically so. I just find it hard to imagine the contortions you'd have to go through to get into a receiving position for his jizz.

carabos Fri 16-Mar-12 00:42:11

What we wondered is how the 58 stone man gets fed? The carers said that he only sees them all day and he said he never gets out of bed.

We also wondered how long he could survive if he only had water.

ripsishere Fri 16-Mar-12 06:28:52

Basing this soley on watching a drama about the fattest man in the uk on nothing, I'd say his carers must leave him food or be there all day to feed him.
Maintaining that weight can't be easy nor beneficial to health.
Again, basing this on a telly programme I saw last week, he should be able to survive for around 3-4 weeks drinking solely water. I don't think his weight would affect that.

Finallygotaroundtoit Fri 16-Mar-12 20:54:02

I was a bit hmm at the lovely Geordie lady being bed bathed by a carer and then shown walking relatively spritely around her flat!

Agree that for the genuinely bed bound there must be someone enabling them.

ripsishere Sat 17-Mar-12 09:13:51

I think the Geordie woman is depressed as well as being big boned. She does strike me as being lovely.
I am not going to watch any more. They aren't enriching my life in any way.
I do smile at the man who obviously hires himself out for rescue practice by the emergency service.

BeataL Tue 09-Apr-13 20:16:23

Anyone watching the new series now?

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