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The real Chummy?

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hackmum Wed 08-Feb-12 13:10:50

This is for Call The Midwife fans.

The latest issue of the Radio Times has an article asking people to help find the real Chummy. Jennifer Worth's daughters say she was a real person, but that Worth didn't use her real name. They say they've seen photos of her that they no longer have.

In the book, Worth says that her father was governor of Rajasthan - but according to the RT governors of Rajasthan have all been Indian. She also says that Chummy won St Thomas's Nightingale Prize three times - but St Thomas has no such prize.

So Worth obviously changed or invented a few details, but the RT is asking people to write in if they have any idea who she might have been. It's piqued my curiosity (and we all love Chummy, don't we?) so I thought I'd pass it on to see if anybody else has any ideas.

JerichoStarQuilt Mon 20-Feb-12 12:42:15

I don't read that article in the RT as the sisters saying that there's no truth in it at all - more they are saying they don't know who it was that Chummy and Sister Monica Joan were based on. They do say two sisters might have been the basis for Sister Monica Joan.

I would think that it's fair enough to change details - I could be wrong, too, but I think Jennifer Worth fictionalizes the first book far more. It's much more a 'story' based on her experiences, and she uses the notes at the back to tell you what midwifery terms mean. Whereas the last book, where she's talking about her own cancer and about death in general, sounds much more personal. I think by then she knew she'd got an audience, she didn't have to try to tell a pretty story to get a publisher, and she just wanted to say her piece.

Btw, if I'm remembering rightly, my cousin thought about joining that community in the 1950s. She ended up with a closed order (St John the Evangelist) instead ... I wish I'd asked her more about how she chose it all before she died - the whole series is making me fascinated with this.

LaJe Thu 21-Mar-13 17:22:49

In the book, there was a footnote saying that the boy "Jack" who helped Chummy while out on her bicycle grew up to become Lady Diana's bodyguard and that Jennifer Worth had seen him on the TV.

Is there a way to get a call out to "Jack"? That narrows the field a bit as to who might have interacted with "Chummy" and he may know more about her.

Yoohoo, oh Jacky Boy . . .

Mummypeaches Sat 06-Apr-13 12:46:20

Interesting interview with Jennifer.

Adele13 Wed 12-Mar-14 21:41:18

Considering that the aftermath in the third book, "Farewell to the East End", explained what happened to all the characters (and which ones were composites or fictional), then Chummy was real and should be possible to trace, if anyone was up for the task. It would be lovely to know about her, if in fact she approved of the invasion of privacy! What an incredible woman she must have been and still may be.

KiannF Wed 14-May-14 04:31:25

the real chummy is Eve Vause.

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Wed 14-May-14 06:02:52

The article on Eve vause doesn't say she is chummy, just that her life is similar.

hackmum Wed 14-May-14 20:47:21

I'm still surprised that no-one has cracked this particular mystery. The Radio Times article says, "Jennifer Worth’s daughters remember her in photographs and stories, but we don’t know her real name."

I don't believe JW would have made her up completely. But you'd think someone would have been able to track her down.

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