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What on earth are the poc pocs?

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Moodykat Sat 03-Dec-11 23:09:04

Abney and Teal. I get Neap being a turnip but what are they supposed to be? Just bits of wood?! DS keeps asking and google is not forthcoming!

Moodykat Sun 04-Dec-11 09:04:29

Bumping hopefully!

LoonyRationalist Sun 04-Dec-11 09:18:40

I've always thought of them as seeds, they look like apple pips to me.

Meglet Sun 04-Dec-11 20:33:24

I'm not sure. But according to the DC's I was 'lost Pok Pok' today.

The thing in the water (Bop?) is great.

TimeForChristmasCake Mon 05-Dec-11 15:16:13

No idea what the Poc pocs are but they make a lovely sound when they move! DS loves Neep and have to say I think A&T is one of the better things on Cbeebies. Seems gentle & relaxing, which is exactly what I need at 5.45pm! grin

Moodykat Mon 05-Dec-11 19:34:15

I like it too. We have it on series link for any over tired moment! Just seems to calm everyone down!

LoonyRationalist Mon 05-Dec-11 22:51:16

DD2 (2.9) absolutely loves it - it has sparked a new love of porridge in our house too which is also a good thing smile

Rosiegoat Mon 06-Feb-12 22:31:20

we call our chickens poc pocs... so I assumed they were chickens?

Mumof1plustwins Mon 06-Feb-12 22:33:47

Haha I asked my DD this the other day!
I assumed they were tiny birds??
A&T is great but I always thought they were both girls!

ClaireDB Tue 07-Feb-12 09:36:59


Voidka Tue 07-Feb-12 13:08:05

I thought they were apple pips too.

Appaloosa Sun 06-May-12 13:25:41

They are enchanted creatures.The island is magic!!Just say they are magic and let your child's imagination do the rest ! smileI love them too-they are hilarious!

HoneyBeeMum1 Wed 09-Mar-16 23:58:14

They look like daffodil bulbs to me.

threadNneedle Sun 28-May-17 18:25:51

Best program everr!

GardeningWithDynamite Sun 28-May-17 18:42:55

Wikipedia says

"The Poc-Pocs, a set of 7 identical-shaped but different-sized comma-shaped wooden objects or hard tropical tree seeds, so named after the noise they make jumping about."

I thought they were seeds.

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