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Is Tess Daly pregnant?

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Fisharefriendsnotmincepies Sat 26-Nov-11 20:11:54

<nosy emoticon>

FaverollesWithBoughsOfHolly Sat 26-Nov-11 20:15:30

I think it's just an awful dress.
Who on earth chooses her clothes? They need sacking!
<bitchy emoticon>

Fisharefriendsnotmincepies Sat 26-Nov-11 20:24:35

Oh at least it has two straps, she drives me mad with the one strap dresses

Avantia Sat 26-Nov-11 20:36:30

I just wish she would stand still and not do that annoying shuffling thing she does - do you know what I mean ?

Bossybritches22 Sat 26-Nov-11 20:48:31

God yes Avantia, want to slap her legs!!

Agreed that her stylist is crap- her one strap dresses just emphasise her bad posture & slightly wonky boobs!!

MrsCampbellBlack Sat 26-Nov-11 20:50:05

Well apparently she is a total nightmare to work with and I think the stylists get their revenge.

And how does she know so little about the dances after so bloody long on the programme.

Fisharefriendsnotmincepies Sat 26-Nov-11 20:58:19

I really thought she looked pregnant tonight. And she was almost constantly holding her cards in front of her tummy. Agree re stylists

lizzieloubee1 Sat 26-Nov-11 21:00:18

The "shuffle-dnce" makes her looks like she needs the loo!

pinkytheshrunkenhead Sat 26-Nov-11 21:01:08

I really not sure why I don't like her, she seems to such a charmless creature (apart from being a Professional Northerner) - I do feel bad about not liking her but there it is.

TwigletMonster Sat 26-Nov-11 21:36:32

She was on Faking It on Channel 4 years ago - shockingly rude to the very nervous girl who was trying to direct the live tv show she was on (CD:uk maybe?). Therefore feel justified in my dislike of Tess!

scarlettsmummy2 Sat 26-Nov-11 21:42:39

I saw that Twiglet- it was awful. I think I decided from that moment on that she was a total twat. I bet it is just the stylists geting revenge.

TheMouseRanUpTheClock Sat 26-Nov-11 22:07:02

I didn't watch tonight, I have noticed that she gets a bit of a tummy every so often, maybe time of the month bloating!

RedBlanket Sat 26-Nov-11 22:20:39

Her stylist hates her and gives her the most God awful dresses they can lay their hands on.
She's an appalling presenter, can't stand still, sooo insincere, and after years and years still knows sod all about the dances.
I have a small inkling of sympathy for her being married to sex pest Vern though.

Ifancyashandy Sat 26-Nov-11 22:24:50

I've worked with her and she wasn't a nightmare. Professional, gave a shit and friendly.

LeBOF Sat 26-Nov-11 22:33:41

I doubt it- she must be at least eight years older than what she admits to.

Fisharefriendsnotmincepies Sat 26-Nov-11 22:44:12

Ah right, didn't think of her age.. Thought it would fit in with the whole sex pest thing last year, a baby to show all is perfect once again wink

TheMouseRanUpTheClock Sat 26-Nov-11 22:44:35

LeBOF, you think she is 50? shock

LeBOF Sat 26-Nov-11 22:49:09

Give or take...well over forty, anyway.

TheMouseRanUpTheClock Sat 26-Nov-11 22:50:25

I thought she was well known as early forties, older than Vernon! is she trying to knock some years off?

TheMouseRanUpTheClock Sat 26-Nov-11 22:51:29

Wikipedia says she was born in April 1969!

LeBOF Sat 26-Nov-11 22:53:10

She is well-preserved, I'll give you that. But I'm sure she has been economical with the years in the past.

shineynewthings Sun 27-Nov-11 21:49:01

Oh god please no. Can you imagine a follow up to her Baby Diaries Book plugging the media? Another celebrities-are-the-only-people-who-have-babies-publication? It's bad enough with Mylene and Zoe Ball assuming authority on all things baby as it is.

BringMeTea Sat 02-Dec-17 19:36:04

How is this zombie trending?

Silvercatowner Sat 02-Dec-17 19:43:38

Who is Tess Daly?

Ilikesweetpeas Sat 02-Dec-17 19:44:04

Haha, clearly she wasn't pregnant when this thread was started!!

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