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Is Justin gay or married or what?

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25kilopumpkin Sat 22-Oct-11 22:58:28

I don't care either way? Also I have seen him interviewed lately and he seemed very distant... Do you think he has a cherished past and some awful secret that will eventually be revealed? Bugging me?

ThePathanKhansWitch Sun 19-Feb-12 18:56:20

Jane where exactly have you touched him? <smutty cahh> smile

JaneMare Sun 19-Feb-12 19:02:22

we brushed finger tips as he handed over his signed photograph after one of the roadshows over a table grin

BertieBotts Sun 19-Feb-12 19:02:33

I can't stand Justin's House, or Gigglebiz or the other ones. Something Special is ace because he's not going over the top with it, I suppose some of the Tumble characters are, but generally it's a small dose which is okay.

Someone said once on one of these threads that Robert has a scary crush on Justin and one day is going to realise he has no chance and go postal grin so I can bear it now while sniggering at the thought of that.

JaneMare Sun 19-Feb-12 19:07:53

that's made me really L.O.L Bertie grin

the robot having a huge hissy fit grin

ThePathanKhansWitch Sun 19-Feb-12 19:18:32

Jane fingertips! Romantic, he is deelish.

Bertie grin Robert is so in love, you can just tell, can't you?.

JaneMare Sun 19-Feb-12 19:22:12

I've not stopped swooning ever since TPKW grin

he's even more lovely IRL. Pui was pretty cool too but i didn't fancy her

ThePathanKhansWitch Sun 19-Feb-12 19:24:32

Pui always looks a bit like she'd rather be anywhere else sometimes smile.

JaneMare Sun 19-Feb-12 19:40:57

she was pretty lovely tbh, i don't think pregnancy agreed with her, she looked really uncomfortable in the 'Show Me Show Me's they recorded sad

AThingInYourLife Sun 19-Feb-12 19:51:33

I think Pui is fab.

But I have a special place in my heart for Sid [swoon]

Loved Something Special and thought Justin was a genius until the abomination that is Justin's House hit our screens.

charmed6266 Sun 11-Mar-12 23:15:23

Lol, love this thread :-)
Do you mind if I join the group?
I was gutted I missed the opportunity to meet Justin when he was signing his new album in our area. But a friend met him with her newborn and shared a pic. She said he was lovely :-)

Yourefired Sun 11-Mar-12 23:35:49

One of our DDs won a trip to the ceebies studio. Including meeting a presenter. They (DD2 and DH) got Andy. DH chatted to him, as you do, and he raved about Justin. Along the lines of he sets the tone for the channel and he is a increadibly talented person the way he can connect with people, and genuinely cares about it. DH went instead of me for annual leave reasons and didn't have a clue who anyone was, so can't think he was projecting anything onto the conversation. No info on Justin's sexuality there. But can confirm that Andy is straight given another part of the conversation relayed back to me from DH.

GothAnneGeddes Mon 12-Mar-12 01:46:42

Yourefired - Am very envy at your Dh meeting Andy. I have to restrain myself from tweeting filth to him, he is lovely.

GothAnneGeddes Mon 12-Mar-12 01:49:44

Yourefired - Am very envy at your Dh meeting Andy. I have to restrain myself from tweeting filth to him, he is lovely.

Soulysercher Mon 02-Apr-12 14:26:35

i hope you dont mind me joining! i would give Justin one! me and my friend we watching it the other day (well it was on the tv when we put the kids down for a nap) and we decided he would be a right dirty bugger, lol he is too "sweet and innocent"

whatkungfuthat Mon 02-Apr-12 21:53:07

I am so sorry but I misread the post from the person who knows him as "he never worked out" instead of "it never worked out" and have spent the last 10 mins guffawing <hangs head in shame>

LucyFarinelli Thu 05-Apr-12 22:47:05

Sorry, but in my book it has to be Mr Bloom.--melt, melt, melt--

CarryOnMatron Thu 05-Apr-12 23:02:04

whatkungfuthat I thought it said that too blush

charmed6266 Sun 22-Apr-12 22:55:13

I'd love to work with mr bloom, but I'm afraid he's not "rocking my boat" lol

charmed6266 Sun 22-Apr-12 23:21:00

Ok. To all the ladies on mumsnet who have actually met Justin and claim to be friends with him. Is there a way to invite Justin back to mumsnet? Or contact him somehow?
I'm not psychotic, or a stalker, I'm just curious and nosey and I have about 100 questions that I would absolutely love to ask him, like interview style, you know? Only I'm not a reporter.

If you are genuinely friends with Justin, can you please ask him that for me :-)
And tell him I can pay back with chocolate cake, lol (if he likes cakes).

ebbandflow Mon 23-Apr-12 10:02:28

I would think Justin was straight, Chris on the otherhand....

charmed6266 Mon 23-Apr-12 16:27:51

A very good friend of mine, claims to have a fail proof gay-dar grin and she is convinced that they're both as gay as it gets.
But like others have said, it doesn't matter.

UserNameNotAvailable Mon 23-Apr-12 20:14:05

Justin irritates the shit outta me! My kids love him though. However I would love to do him.....IN grin

Did anyone watch The Undateables on channel 4 (second episode I think) the man on there HAS to be related to Justin, he was the absolute spit of him and apparently Justin has a brother.

EdlessAllenPoe Mon 23-Apr-12 20:18:46

Justin..i would go for 'weird fish fetishist'

over gay or straight personally.

that's my bet.

total and unfounded speculation on my part though!

notahappycamper Mon 23-Apr-12 23:35:11

We had the misfortune to go to a recording of some of Justin's House. The kids were begging to leave. Horrendous afternoon. The kids expected him to be all singing but when cameras were off he didnt engage with the children. Which is fair enough but they were disappointed. And he was eyeing up one of the gorgeous helpers in our group - boke

boringnickname Mon 23-Apr-12 23:37:10

i dont know , but my DPs money is on him shafting Sarah Jane, which means my DP doesnt like justin (well he does actually) becaue he rather wishes HE was slipping some to Sarah Jane (the cow)

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