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X-FACTOR- another live show, another tenuous theme- this week it is 'Love and Heartbreak' ??!!

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NosfeRaahhtu Sat 15-Oct-11 13:11:30

I mean- come on, that's just an excuse to trot out more sappy ballady shit. where are the proper themes? Bring on Abba week, Death metal week, bugger it- even Cliff Richard week if it means they will sing something that actaully follows a theme .(A spoiler claims Johnny is singing the Jason and Kylie classic 'Especially for you' wtf?!)

Mind you, in light of poor wee Janet losing her grandad this week, it could be quite emotional sad
<sends Kelly a mahoosive box of Kleenex>

Will keep eye out for list of songs....

mosschops30 Sat 15-Oct-11 13:18:24

Ive just been slagged off on facebook for bein 'a sad tosser' staying in drooling over watching gary barlow on a sat nite.
So id better join in early hmm

Betcha craig has to go first this week as he is by far the best and they like to try that 'first on, first off' trick every year

NosfeRaahhtu Sat 15-Oct-11 13:28:30

Well, I will join you in being a sad tosser, too. It is whatAutumn Saturday nights are for...

Craig is def shaping up to be the one to watch- apparently Kelly has had probs with Mischa being a bit big headed this week (reads far too much crap)

I really want Kitty to go- her oddness scares me.

Heard the girls from '2Shoes' on the radio yesterday- they were very funny, it's a shame they are out, they could have been really good value. Def missed an 'all things Essex' trick by booting them off (though i have never seen TOWIE, but apparently it is quite populargringrin)

ShouldersBackAndNoBiscuits Sat 15-Oct-11 14:03:46

I'll hopefully be watching tonight, although i might join in later after strictly, so I can fast forward through the advert!

Agree that it's a crap theme. You'd be hard pushed to find a song that you couldn't shoehorn in.

I thought Craig was good last week, but the Elvis snarl might grate on me quite quickly. I want rid of rhythmix or nuvibe this week please thank you.

LadyEvilEyes Sat 15-Oct-11 15:04:19

So who do you all think will go tonight?
Kitty has got stay so we can slag her off on the thread, she's such an easy targetgrin.
I think it might be one of the groups.

NosfeRaahhtu Sat 15-Oct-11 15:20:10

def one of the groups to go, they are just totally forgettable. Think the girl group- as they are heavily weighed down by fake eyelashes and mascara, must be difficult to sing.

I know Kitty is entertaining (for all the wrong reasons)- I'll let her stay til Hallowe'en- she won't look as out of place then!grin

NosfeRaahhtu Sat 15-Oct-11 15:30:00

And I agree with the 'shoe horn' thing- Kitty (allegedly) is doing Bjork- it's oh so quiet- how is that about Love and Heartbreak??

StickyGhost Sat 15-Oct-11 15:45:02

I'm very thankful for this thread, have my place marked for tonight's evaluation session shameless bitchfest
I will be keeping tally of the following:
* Camel toes (Rhythmix the worst offenders)
* Biscuit coloured trousers
* Crap hats
* Louis' hamster cheeks increasing in size

The Love theme does sound a bit shite though innit?

NosfeRaahhtu Sat 15-Oct-11 16:28:28

I am interested in seeing what interesting loaf shape they can tease Mischa's hair into .

<Raahh has given up on trying to decide whether it is Misha or Micha, and cba to check>

SuePurblybilt Sat 15-Oct-11 16:36:49

YY to Sticky's list - add to it odd coloured skinny jeans, anyone over a size ten in a glittery batwing tunic and too many waistcoats.

Raah, I think Mee-sha would be about right.

Does the recent sad event mean we have to give Janet a week off the bjitching? I reckon so. All cross eyes on Shitty Kitty then.

SuePurblybilt Sat 15-Oct-11 16:37:33

And what's with the themes? Did they actually mention it at all last week?

NosfeRaahhtu Sat 15-Oct-11 16:56:18

yep, I think we should be nice to Janet. This week anywaywink
Kitty, is fair game.


SuePurblybilt Sat 15-Oct-11 17:18:05


There, that should do it. Do we have a song list yet?

NosfeRaahhtu Sat 15-Oct-11 17:27:46

still looking for a definite list- so far-
Kitty- Bjork-it's oh so quiet
Johnny-Kylie/Jason especially for you
Nu-Vibe- i'll make love to you- Boyz to Men
The Risk- Beggin' -Frankie Valli (but more likely the Madcon version, I'd imagine if true at all)
Janet- Wind beneath my wings- Bette Midler (this very unconfirmed)

Sami claims to be singing something that was in the charts forever- could be Whitney 'I will always love you'
Craig- doing something up tempo.

They are keeping the official list under wraps quite late this week...

LadyEvilEyes Sat 15-Oct-11 17:30:01

So when can we start to be mean about Janet again, please.

SuePurblybilt Sat 15-Oct-11 17:32:00

Sami will do Bryan Adams then grin
Nu Vibe - vom.


NosfeRaahhtu Sat 15-Oct-11 17:33:00

I think we need to give it at least this week...sooner if we find out she hadn't actually seen him since birth/was really raised by leprechauns

rockinastocking Sat 15-Oct-11 17:34:19

Especially For You?

Are they 'aving a larf?

I think we should have a talkie-bit theme week. Songs with talkie bits. I like them.

NosfeRaahhtu Sat 15-Oct-11 17:35:32

Nu Vibe- vom indeed- they are barely put of short trousers, and will be doing that letchy face thing that teenager boys equate to looking sheksy.

Rofl at Sami singing Bryan Adams- that would indeed be heart breaking! Either that, or Love is all Around by the Wets....

SuePurblybilt Sat 15-Oct-11 17:35:59

Like Elvis talking in Are You Lonesome? Or songs from musicals where people sing them <looking at you Rex Harrison>?

NosfeRaahhtu Sat 15-Oct-11 17:36:42

Are songs with talkie bits the same as rap, or different?

rockinastocking Sat 15-Oct-11 17:36:42

Is there an official period of mourning for Xfactor relatives?

I reckon if we wear black this week, grey next week, lavender the week after, we can go back to calling her a pointless, breathy, pigeontoed feebling the week after that.

Sound like a plan?

SuePurblybilt Sat 15-Oct-11 17:37:16

I saw the Oil Baron Peter Andre flogging an appearance on GMTV or something this week, doing that exact look Raah. I wanted to tell him that oil has a low flashpoint and he should be careful with the smouldering.

NosfeRaahhtu Sat 15-Oct-11 17:38:20

Or- the bit at the beginning of 'Never ever' by All Saints....

rockinastocking Sat 15-Oct-11 17:38:56

Talkie bits, like Lonesome Tonight, or The Look of Love by ABC, or Are 'Friends' Electric by Gary Numan.

Spiky Poo would do a great Gary Numan...

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