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Gok's new show

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LittleMumSmall Tue 11-Oct-11 21:13:19

Sorry if this has been done to death on MN talk already, but am I alone in thinking it's utter tripe? It was always a bit ropey but previous shows had a bit more interest with Brix's 'high-end' stuff and the fashion competition bit at the end. Now it just seems like one long advert for Primark. Mind you, I have to admire the way Gok's managed to get so much mileage out of his one and only fashion tip of 'add a belt'.

dingdongthewitchisdead3 Tue 11-Oct-11 22:51:26

I thought the stuff he put on those three normal women was pretty grim this week. It didn't suit them at all. And I agree that the rest of it is alot of tat, though I have to admit I made a mental note to go to Primark this week to buy a few new belts blush

StopRainingPlease Wed 12-Oct-11 18:55:33

Yeah, he's obsessed with belts! I saw one the other day with 3 women in dresses, he'd added belts to them all and the belts just didn't go and weren't needed.

Plus of course, he likes a belt to pull in the waist, even if the woman is slim anyway and the belt doesn't do anything, or she has a massive chest and post-belt she looks so top-heavy she's going to keel over.

And while I'm at it, what's with the heels? He always seems to put women in 3"+ heels. How about something practical for everyday, rather than towering heels and pencil skirts?

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