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Why does Gok ruin everything by bunching it up with a belt?

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thenightsky Tue 04-Oct-11 20:54:14

I mean, that lass from Bristol tonight... nice red drapy dress... all drapeyness lines ruined by hoiking every up with a tight belt under her boobs.

Then lovely classy looking macs... whack a belt on them to make they all creasey and stiff looking.


minko Tue 04-Oct-11 22:32:57

I thought that whilst it was fashionable stuff it didn't really suit the shape of the girls... The grey carroty shaped trousers (harem pants?) made her bum look huge when she walked in them. And all the jumpsuits just looked ridiculous. But maybe I am just too old!

WhatsWrongWithYou Tue 04-Oct-11 22:46:44

I always think this with Gok. He doesn't find things to suit the women, just goes for bright colours and usually shiny fabrics, plus said ubiquitous belt.

That cream one with studs was beyond vile!

At least he hasn't gone for one of those fifties numbers so far this series - used to put everyone in one no matter what. He did slip in one from Vivian of Holloway tonight, though.

thenightsky Tue 04-Oct-11 22:47:24

All the jumpsuits looked like pyjamas to me <old gimmer>

EightiesChick Tue 04-Oct-11 22:49:49

Jumpsuits do look like pjyamas, but without any of the wearability of pyjamas. And I also hate belts. Far from being the supposed fix-it-all they are touted as, they make all but the thinnest look like they are wearing belted duvets wrapped around them.

divedaisy Tue 04-Oct-11 23:04:05

made me laugh!!! Gok jsut loves his belts!!!
girl friend!!!

WhatsWrongWithYou Wed 05-Oct-11 14:27:34

Ihoped thought jumpsuits were over. Surely they won't be in the shops for A/W?

josephinebonaparte Sat 08-Oct-11 00:45:20

Tried on one of his sainsburys dresses today, sizes came up ridiculously small, so much for him wanting women to feel great about themselves hmm

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