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Decision time, who will get through to the final 16?

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expectingnumber2 Sun 02-Oct-11 11:46:56

So who is everyon expecting to get through to the final sixteen? Place your bets here!

expectingnumber2 Sun 02-Oct-11 11:47:30

final sixteen on x factor

PomBearAtTheGatesOfDawn Sun 02-Oct-11 16:09:46

I've watched every single series of X Factor since the first ever episode, but last year was just so mind numbingly, soul destroyingly CRAP that I haven't watched this year sad I watched last night on and off, to have some idea of who was likely to be in the live shows thought we'd find out last night so was pretty peeved to have to bloody wait and all I did was shout at the screen confused There was one of the girls that I liked, but she is from near here and sang a "rock" type song which is the type of music I like, and was in comparison with people singing songs I hate so that might have made her seem better than she was. I have no idea what her name is. I just don't think I can be bothered anymore. I must be getting old or something, they're just all mediocre, and let's face it, it doesn't actually matter who they are, they are disposable people, totally interchangeable, and may as well be hired from stage school and casting agencies to play the part of the "Reality Show Wannabe" for all the difference it makes.
Every series (as it's gone on it's got more formulaic each time) has the same characters - the crazy unpredictable tarty blonde who has been told she's A Star but is actually fairly ordinary and annoying. She will be in until about five weeks from the end.
The "Winner Boy" - he is young, good looking (in a teenybopper well groomed way) polite, well spoken, and preferably has a sob story or dying granny or devoted single parent.
The "Winner Girl" - she is much like WB in all respects, but once the show is over will be transformed overnight into somekind of BacoFoil Barbie UberSlut and/or get her tits out inadvertently or deliberately in the Sun
Fat Girl will look terrible until Evans step forward to dress her - this is unaffected by how nicely or otherwise FG dresses ordinarily, her "own clothes" on the show will be vile, ill fitting, and make her look like a collapsed barrage balloon atop an overflowing bin.
Comic Relief will be supported by Louis and be so crap they're almost good, and be in long enough to "send better singers home" before leaving in a wave of bonhomie and tears and pop up next year on panel shows before having a party song hit single or two and ending their career at Butlins Pwyllhelli.
Ditsy Girl will have Hair - not a hairstyle, just Hair and The Hair will be regarded as a participant in it's own right. She will also have A Thing that she does with her hand, foot, lips, or possibly all three. She will "make songs her own" by singing them such that they are unrecognisable and have devoted fans who vote each week but not in sufficient numbers to let her reach the last 5.
Also Ran Boy will be average and adequate but just not quite as good looking/well dressed/fit/tuneful/likeable as WB and will go to the last 4 before going home and never being heard of again
Have I missed anyone? There are the groups, but they will all be gone by week 5, unless there's a duo who might just hang on a week or two longer if they're lucky, but all the groups will be forgotten totally by Advent.

vmcd28 Sun 02-Oct-11 17:59:17

Okaaaaay, pombear, you're no longer a fan.
I'll give you more of an answer you were looking for, OP... wink

Um, I'm not very good with names, but i'll do my best!
Boys - Gary Barlow keeps saying what a great category they are, but I kind of think theyre all a bit meh.
The young guy Luke will go home, he was just so off-key.
Love the Scouse hairdresser.
Not sure about the curly haired bloke who usually has a guitar.
Frankie - HATE the fact he has 7 girls names on his bum. I dont get why everyone thinks this is cute.

Groups -
Not sure about the Keys.
Boy V Girl - dont know who'd buy their records. Very "nice".
The Risk - quite like these boys.
Nu Vibe - not bad, but need a lot of work to polish up.
2 Shoes - possibly a bit too cabaret, but quite likeable.
The group of "quirky" girls (cant remember their name) - cant bear them, but everyone is raving about them! I think it's mainly the fact that theyre TOO weird, like theyve done a trolley dash in Top Shop.

Girls -
Like Amelia(?) with the bleached blonde hair a lot.
Janet - think she's sweet, but I feel like theyre all going mad for her, but I dont really think she's THAT good.
None of the others stand out, really.

Over-25s -
Kitty - I WANT TO SCREAM WHENEVER SHE'S ON TV. She's nuts, and not in a good way.
Goldie - why oh why oh why is she even here?! She's got no talent, so how she's made it, I have no idea. OH, except it's to keep it interesting for the viewers - a la Wagner, Jedward etc.
Johnny - I'd LOVE him to stay, even tho he has no chance of winning at all. He's so lovable, likeable, cute, and seems like he'd be a great example to viewers. Isound so "mum" when I say that. smile

What are your thought, expectingnumber2?

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