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The Only Way is Essex: you've been tango'ed

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caramelwaffle Thu 22-Sep-11 17:16:28

Life. Work. Business.
The Economy.

All too serious.

Check in here for perfect Candyfloss Tv. Back on Sunday.

(peach Bellini's and Swarovski stick on's, to be collected on the way in - choose your favourite colour...baaaaabe)

LordOfTheFlies Thu 22-Sep-11 19:05:54

I've never watched TOWIE though I live in Essex (maybe I've seen too many vacuous wannabess around grin )

I saw a 20 second snippet where 2 of the girls were in the park with their hideous 'rat on a string dogs' talking about their complicated love lives.
20 seconds was more then enough.

Just hope they are off the face of the Earth before my DD hits puberty hmm

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