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Finale of The Killing

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gemdrop84 Fri 16-Sep-11 09:14:24

To say Im disappointed is an understatement, dp actually swore at the television lol. Thought it was a bit slow and I dont get a few things.
Who was Holder talking to when he got into that car, when Gwen saw that Darren Richmond had actually been missing during the time Rosie was murdered then came back totally soaked surely thats some evidence to point towards his guilt?!! Plus his interest in young girls and the whole Orpheous email thing. And why was Rosie at the casino, was she helping out her Aunt with her clients and did she take her parents money? Probably going to go unanswered but god its got to me! Anyone know if the original version is any better? And can you tell me if the ending is different? spoilers welcome!

wigglesrock Fri 16-Sep-11 09:27:28

I liked the ending blush, I'm not convinced it was Richmond who actually killed her, I don't like his aide [taps nose in a completely unknowing way]. Although as a disclaimer I may have missed bits, kept waitng for the baby to wake up, which of course she didn't, so will rewatch later with dh, he'll probably get v frustrated as well.

I think they changed the killer from the Danish one

Ifancyashandy Fri 16-Sep-11 10:12:34

I LOVED the ending - so wasn't expecting it! And the twist with Holder was brilliant! Who was he talking to indeed? Was it Rosie's aunt (since he used to be a vice cop and may know her). And since she'd got Rosie on the game? Or someone else?

Loved being left with more questions and cannot wait for Series 2!

Acekicker Sat 17-Sep-11 08:50:37

Another one here who LOVED the ending, I hadn't realised it didn't resolve at the end of series 1 so I was gobsmacked by the twists at the end shock.

No idea who Holder was talking to - is it his NA sponsor or does he have two sets of people he meets in cars? I must admit that I'm still suspicious of Jamie the Aide - and didn't he have pretty much free access to the emails etc when he was supposed to be investigating the leaks? Why doesn't Gwen fit Richmond's 'type'? Oh so many questions, I really can't wait for the next series.

For those who've watched both the Danish and the US versions, is it possible to pick up series 2 of the Danish one without seeing series 1 or do I need to go back and watch s1 of the Danish version... I missed the Danish one first time around for various reasons sad.

oneofsuesylvesterscheerios Sat 17-Sep-11 09:17:27

The Danish one's ending was completely different and also 'wrapped up' that particular crime. When they showed the trailer for the next series at the end of series 1, Lund (female detective) was called to the scene but was a completely different setting & new crime.

The ending of the US Killing left me frustrated because I was expecting a similar neatness. It's obviously not going to be that easy and the 2nd series will continue with an extension of the Larson case.

As far as the last US programme goes...
I don't think Darren Richmond killed Rosie. I think Gwendoline framed him after hearing Sarah threaten him when she thought he'd done it too and also when she learned he was still shagging around; I think Gwen thought he'd stopped all that. So Gwen knows he didn't do it.

But it must be someone who has access to Richmonds computer and hard drive so that puts both Jamie and Gwen in the picture. Gwen has more motive now and, iirc, Rosie's body had no evidence of sex/rape so Gwen could have been ultimately responsible for drowning her even if Darren had picked Rosie up earlier.

There's also a big question mark over both Jamies and Darrens involvement with that pervy billionaire. He obviously has something over Darren already, and god only knows what went on at that strange 'party' at his house in the pool in the last episode but I'm guessing some sexual deviences. Jamie is also gay isn't he? So if he's involved his motive might not be sexual.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Sat 17-Sep-11 11:09:11

Surely Holder is bent in some way? He must have been getting paid to frame Richmond and in that scene when he gets into the car he was reporting to his 'employer' that the mocked-up photos of Richmond at the toll bridge had worked and would get him locked up.

I think Jamie is involved but don't think he's the killer. I also think the billionaire with the pool and the basketball is involved, but am not sure he's the killer either ...

Anyone know when the next series starts?

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