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Anyone else think The Body Farm was disappointing?

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AcornAntique Tue 13-Sep-11 22:47:32

I couldn't believe a word of it, could you?
Four scruffy student types in an old farmhouse, with a ton of hi-tech equipment and a bowl of pasta and all of a sudden they are asked to solve a major crime as well as study decomposition? Yeah right, that's really likely. One - who dressed in rags but said she was a "home office scientist" - did nothing workwise but sit by a dying girl all day as part of her "job". Tara Fitz G is a great actress but can you imagine anyone breaking the news to grieving parents that their child is murdered with your blue tooth headset still sticking out of your ear? Why would they even get the scientist to break the news anyway? The whole set-up seemed to have been dreamed up by a couple of sixth formers in their lunch break - preposterous. Not in the same league as Waking the Dead. Not even on the same planet as Waking the Dead.

antshouse Wed 14-Sep-11 09:49:39

I agree. I thought they were asked to help with lab work but they took over and solved the whole crime.

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