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Kate's coat - neighbours

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LadyMontdore Tue 13-Sep-11 18:02:33

Surely her worst single clothing item. I was like this shock but my eyes were the same as my mouth. Was like Boden gone even wronger.

Two4One Wed 14-Sep-11 21:03:46

Nothing beats the green sundress she used to wear, with the express intention of displaying her teeny weeny pre-pubescent booby buds though. Ick.

javo Thu 15-Sep-11 12:57:22

Great to see Kate back in her granny clothes - that yellow coat was phenomenal ! After Mark disappeared Kate was allowed to wear normal looking skinny jeans and a navy top for a few episodes - perhaps the stylist who hates her was on holiday and is now back!

Still can't work out why she gives me the creeps so much (nice skin, nice hai r etc but somehow all wrong)- and Two4one I agree her buds are particularly ick!

Not enjoying the Susan/sick guy storyline or the Jade and Kyle Friends with benefits line - yuk!

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