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LetThereBeRock Tue 13-Sep-11 12:11:40

Has anyone seen this show? I bought the boxset recently as it was on offer,and have watched series 1 so far. It's incredibly violent,I expected it to be,it is set in a prison after all, but I didn't expect it to be quite this bad.

That said I do like some of the characters,Rebadow,Augutus etc,and it's been interesting.

I'm not expecting it to become less violent of course,but is it worth sticking with it for the storylines and characters? Or should I Ebay it?

auldspinster Tue 13-Sep-11 12:30:41

It stays that violent.

LetThereBeRock Tue 13-Sep-11 12:54:09

I expected that,I'm just wondering if the characters and story lines make it worthwhile to continue watching it. I'm not particuarly squeamish but it is a bit much at times.

BluddyMoFo Tue 13-Sep-11 12:55:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

We are about halfway through the fourth season, and if anything it gets more violent.

We got the boxset the same as you. I am really enjoying it, you do start to engage with the characters and the storyline is quite involved.

LetThereBeRock Tue 13-Sep-11 12:58:32

So it's worth sticking with it then? I have enjoyed some aspects of it,and I know Ryan's brother is introduced in the second series,and I'm curious to know more about him.

LetThereBeRock Tue 13-Sep-11 13:00:25

How evil is Schillinger? He's utterly despicable yet he's so well played that I have a strange fascination with him.

alexsdad Tue 13-Sep-11 13:23:15

Still think it's one of the best things HBO ever did, at least for the first few series. We got a bit tired by series 6 (were watching it on UK imported DVDs) but the first 3 were absolutely brilliant.

Schillinger is pure Evil - and you will adore Ryan's brother Cyril. I don't know if it will get tedious by the end as we are only on S4 but I am really enjoying it.

I still have to close my eyes quite a bit though!

LetThereBeRock Tue 13-Sep-11 17:03:34

TY,I think I'll continue to watch it then.

PelvicFloorsOfSteel Tue 13-Sep-11 22:07:47

I loved it, but yes, it is very violent (and normally I hate all the slasher horror type things). The characters make it worthwhile but I went off it by the last series, too few releases and too many deaths made it a bit depressing by the end, I think you need a few more happy endings even in something that grim.

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