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Anyone watch Claire Richards Slave to Food last night?

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MrsBradleyCooper Thu 08-Sep-11 08:16:58

Just watching it at the moment - isn't she beautiful.

I can really identify with her relationship with food as I have a similar one!!

She seems like a really nice person too.

GiganticusBottomus Thu 08-Sep-11 08:19:33

I've recorded it, going to watch it today, will report back! smile

thinbridewaitingtogetout Thu 08-Sep-11 08:25:19

Me too, dc2 first day at nursery so im child free till 1pm so im gonna watch it in peace.

southeastastra Thu 08-Sep-11 08:45:13

i watched it, thought it was really funny, i liked her and feel sorry for her weight issues. its a shame the media keep her in the spolight because of that.

GiganticusBottomus Thu 08-Sep-11 11:02:11

Oh, she is a beautiful girl. I don't feel too sorry about the media interest as she has iniated that in the first place. She looked fab for the photo shoot but I don't think she looked like a size 10.
I feel for her with the yoyo dieting though being a yoyo dieter myself. I've lost and gained the same 2 stone several times over the years. It is interesting to see her questioning why she struggles with her weight and then laughing as she has her 'last' McDonalds. I think the way we delude ourselves about what we are eating is quite amazing.
I think her GP has hit the nail on the head with stopping having short term goals, I've always done the same and as soon as they pass I'm back to bingeing.
I'll be watching the next episode with interest, I do hope she conquers it.

Debs75 Thu 08-Sep-11 11:04:39

I missed it do they repeat it at all?

Tonksforthememories Thu 08-Sep-11 11:09:11

GB, she was supposed to be a size 12, 10st 4lb.
I just couldn't believe she was the same size as me to start with and 1.5st lighter!

Have series linked it.

GiganticusBottomus Thu 08-Sep-11 11:15:39

Nope, they said size 10.

MrsBradleyCooper Thu 08-Sep-11 12:02:38

I do exactly the same though when I'm about to start a diet.

"I'm going to start on Monday so I'll have one last huge McDonalds/chocolate bar/bag of crisps/whatever"

Then I fail at the diet and do the same two weeks later.

I am exactly the same as Claire in that I love the taste of food, and like her would eat a food to the point of nausea if I liked it enough.

I really enjoyed watching it, as it was nice to see her on her sofa reading the Mail Online grin, on holiday and getting a McDonalds drive through. She seems to be very down to earth, unlike some other reality TV stars who always seem very "aware" of the cameras.

GiganticusBottomus Thu 08-Sep-11 12:34:26

Oh yes MrsBC me too, it's a classic pre-diet binge. I thought she did seem quite aware though, all the laughing at the mcdonalds/curry etc to hide the fact that she knows what people will be thinking/saying. I've done it myself (obviously not to an audience of millions but in front of friends etc).

Tonksforthememories Thu 08-Sep-11 12:37:18

I've never known anyone who's 10st 4lb, 5'6" and a size 10.

MrsBradleyCooper Thu 08-Sep-11 13:07:46

I am 5'8".
At my lightest I was 9st 3lb and I could only squeeze into a size 10. At 10st 4 I was a big 12-14 and I am 2" taller than her!
Mind you we come in all different shapes and sizes - I am big of nork and tummy grin

Pagwatch Thu 08-Sep-11 13:13:41

I think she is very beautiful and very funny.
I don't know if it was just bad cutting but her dh was full of " but you're lovely, but then I like big butts, no only joking" which pissed me off.
And I loathed the endless discussions about fat and food and diet in front of the children. Awful.

She eats huge amounts when she is not on a diet because she knows she will be depriving herself again in a few months. So she acts like a kid in a sweet shop. She has made eating something which is naughty and that she does like a child who wants to get away with something when mummy isn't looking. It is as if she has no sense of self.

glitch Thu 08-Sep-11 13:32:47

She came across as a really lovely person. I really felt for her, especially when she was reading the comments posted online about the mail article.

thebeansmum Thu 08-Sep-11 13:57:11

Ditto Pagwatch re the talking about diets in front of kids. A big no no, imo. I was in Tesco yesterday and there was a Mum talking loudly to two gorgeous little girls, maybe 8/10yo, whilst scrutinising the back of a can of FUCKING SOUP "Oooh no darlings, Mummy can't have that today, I'll end up with a fat bum-bum"

Aaaarrgghh to SO many things in that sentence.

GiganticusBottomus Thu 08-Sep-11 14:13:46

Tonks- exactly! I don't know why they said size 10, it's obvious she wasn't and size 12 is great. It's just pointless, especially when you saw her a few days later trying to find something to wear for holiday and being upset when a size 12 jacket was too tight. I think Clare may gain from the magazine shoots financially but mentally they are damaging IMHO.

ledkr Thu 08-Sep-11 14:21:47

I didnt think she was as small as she said either but she looked fab,i am also a bit like her with regards food but only seem to manage the fat bit of the yoyo diet.Only time i lost lots of weight was from divorce.
I am defo not as obsessed with food tho like she seemed to be or was that just the editing?

Tonksforthememories Fri 09-Sep-11 16:07:06

Actually thinking back on it, doesn't the ad say 'size 10'? What's the point when most women in the uk are size 12 and above? hmm

I like her, she really does have a skewed view of food though. Oh, and if he was my husband i'd have slapped him!

watfordmummy Fri 09-Sep-11 16:11:44

Well at my lightest (in recent years) 10st 5, I was defo a size 10 and I'm 5 ft 3" ! I think we all carry weight differently. I am always depressed to see someone I think much bigger than me who turns out to be a lot lighter

TLD2 Fri 09-Sep-11 16:14:07

Bless, she should be pleased about her 'relationship with food', it's keeping her on the TV and in mags.

Doesn't everyone like the taste of food? After all, we'd die without it.

Alambil Fri 09-Sep-11 16:27:11

what channel was it on?

GiganticusBottomus Sat 10-Sep-11 07:41:36

Lewis- it is Sky Living, weds. I'm sure they will repeat it.

havealittlefaithbaby Sat 10-Sep-11 15:38:27

I'm.watching the repeat now. I'm horrified by the magazine lady who said readers 'might be horrified at seeing and oversized person on the cover'!!! shock who does she think she is?!
Sad that she's so light now and her perception of herself is way off. And dieting and exercising like that will only mean she'll pile the pounds back on as soon as she stops sad

thinbridewaitingtogetout Sat 10-Sep-11 16:03:41

I also watched it and can identifiy with loads of what she has said only difference i have yet to be thin.

I would eat till im sick if it was something especialy nice and also do the pre diet binge.

Im getting married in 3 weeks and have lost a stone since january but had planned to lose at least 3, im now WW like mad (closing the door after the horse has bolted but hey ho) so i feel good on the day.

Im 5ft 6in and weigh 13st 8lb and hope to lose the last 8 by the wedding <<hope full emoticon>>

havealittlefaithbaby Sat 10-Sep-11 16:12:35

I lost a stone in 4 weeks despite scoffing on.biscuits, got done to 12 stone before my wedding. Purely through a bit of exercise and tonnes of nervous energy. When I look at my pictures I think 'ah er look so happy and smiley' rather than 'oh I wish I'd lost more weight'. Try to.exercise to tone up, you could see a big difference in 3 weeks but overall just enjoy your day. DH to be will think you're stunning regardless smile

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