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Pushy & Pround on Sky 1

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RockyAddict Mon 05-Sep-11 22:39:13

WTF? is anyone else watching this? It makes me sad sad

RockyAddict Mon 05-Sep-11 22:39:42

or proud even

hmc Tue 06-Sep-11 23:12:48

I've just watched it on Sky anytime. To be perfectly honest I couldn't see too much of a problem with the children's pamper salon - it was just hair, make up and nails, and very much organised around a party theme 'one off' dress up as a princess concept for a special occasion, rather than intended as developing an ongoing beauty regime in the pre-teens (which I would find inappropriate). The salon itself was fantasy themed...

I had more of a problem with the beauty salon owner who invited her own children into a very adult setting to receive a spray tan at the age of 4

HeifferunderConstruction Wed 07-Sep-11 15:30:08

I agree HMC however the salon owner really made herself look like a chav who can't control her temper

hmc Wed 07-Sep-11 17:41:50

Yes she did herself no favours!

lisad123 Wed 07-Sep-11 22:45:00

i thought she really didnt do herself any favours.
I didnt see the problem, princess parties have been going on for years!! its nails, haor and make up, NOT waxing, fake tans and dying, like the other one!

HeifferunderConstruction Thu 08-Sep-11 16:02:32

I thinks it all about invasive beauty treatments are too innapropriate for children, e.g. pretty hair, bit of lippy and pretty nails can all be removed after, tanning, waxing, etc all very invasive

TwoIfBySea Fri 09-Sep-11 15:46:16

The whole concept of the pretty princess salon wasn't as much of a problem as the shrieking harridan who owned it! Went all Jeremy Kyle at every opportunity and tbh if I had a dd who was all girly girly I wouldn't take her there for a treat incase madam exploded.

I remember being at a friend's house, age 9 or so, and trying on flavoured lip gloss but we kept licking it off! I also had multi-coloured nails from S1 and multi-coloured hair from S4!

zukiecat Sat 10-Sep-11 21:06:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

heystupid Sat 10-Sep-11 21:08:25

i liked the salon owner, she was funny and had a point when arguing with the girl from that essex show (don't watch that so have no idea of her name) the chavy polo match was v funny

SpamMarie Sun 18-Sep-11 20:36:07

I just watched the episode of this called 'Junk Food Mums'. OMG!

I could sympathise with the single mother of teenage twins. I really could. She had it tough.

I also felt for the 37 stone lady and her size 20 stepdaughter. As the show went on, it became clear that she wasn;t really advocating being that size, and at least she gave the stepdaughter some self-confidence about her own body.

But the mother of 4 who fed her her children a daily diet of McDonalds and takeaways?! I tried and tried to empathise for her, but the most generous conclusion I could manage was that she must be incredibly stupid. She did mention that that was how her own mother brought her up, and she didn't know how to cook. But why get angry at the husband when he did cook proper food? The point at which she said, 'I don't force them to eat it, they choose to,' did my head in. The children were 4 and 2 years old! They might not be obese yet, but I wonder how their health will be faring in 30 years' time?

And on a side note, if they were living off benefits (the husband was currently unemployed), how did they afford to eat out all the time? We have two full time incomes in my house, and we don't buy takeaways more than once a week, mainly due to cost.

Rant over!

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