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Downton Abbey - New series...WHEN?

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LittlePushka Sat 03-Sep-11 23:36:46

Just seen it advertised as coming soon on BBC1 but no idea when or what time.

I hate that about all these new season trailers for good drama - whats the point of a brilliant trailer then to omit the date/time??? Grrrr!

bubbleschimp Sun 04-Sep-11 00:12:28

surely you mean itv ? thats where it was last year anyway / maybe check itv website ?

MeMySonAndI Sun 04-Sep-11 00:13:39

Marking my place, I don't want to miss it

bubbleschimp Sun 04-Sep-11 00:54:57

LittlePushka Sun 04-Sep-11 01:10:24

Yes, my mistake ...ITV! But still not sure when. Hope someone can post.

bubbleschimps link says there is also a chrismas special.


diddl Sun 04-Sep-11 08:16:14

18th Sept-just seen an ad.

Am I the only one who hopes that Matthew & Mary don´t end up together?

bubbleschimp Sun 04-Sep-11 10:36:45

diddl i hope they don't . mary is a nasty piece of work . spoilt etc , hopefully series too will redeem her in my eyes!

diddl Sun 04-Sep-11 10:44:42

But will she ever be good enough for Matthew?

TBH, I even prefer Edith-although she´s pretty nasty-but I feel sorry for her as no one expects anything of her.

I think that Sybil would be best suited to him-can´t see what he sees in Mary tbh.

But I thought he had decided that he didn´t want to be the heir anymore?

Papyrus Sun 04-Sep-11 20:03:38

I am so excited for the new series.

Have a huge soft spot for Sybil/Branson and yes I do prefer Edith to Mary as well.

borntoberiled Sun 04-Sep-11 20:29:46

But surely Mary would be an MN'er? And Sybil, but not sure about Edith.

LittlePushka Sun 04-Sep-11 21:13:50

Hey diddl, thanks for that! On soon then...hurrah!

Now ladies have you been revising or did you all get box set dvd's for Xmas last year, can you remember the names??

Anyway, who is going to get killed in the war? Will Hugh bonneville be called up? And who, (openly or covertly) quite fancies the nice valet who has a limp and a soft spot for the even nicer ladies maid? Come on,...fess up now!

bubbleschimp Mon 05-Sep-11 10:25:27

banes ? (is that his name ?) he's lovely smileit think he could be too good to be true though

diddl Mon 05-Sep-11 10:36:28

I don´t think HB will die as that would mean that Matthew had to take over Downton?

I have a feeling that Mary will redeem herself somehow & that they will decide to marry.

Perhaps someone will go missing/presumed dead to shake everyone up as to who will take over Downton?

Isn´t it Bates with the limp?

diddl Mon 05-Sep-11 10:37:46

Also, I presume Downton will be taken over for the war?

MugglesandLuna Mon 05-Sep-11 11:47:32

It looks like much more of an emotional series. I hope Bates and Anna get together. I agree that Mary is too spoilt for Matthew and I hope she gets her comeuppance.

LittlePushka Mon 05-Sep-11 22:16:52

oh yes, Baines, thats him. Yes I rather like him. Not too good to be true,...thats why they give him the limp so as not to be too perfect. He will be ok as he will be invalided out of service.

I also LOVE Maggie Smiths character - not in the same way as Baines you understand wink but she is hilarious.

The young footman whose mother died he will die in a blaze of pathos. HB may be too high ranking to be near the front so just a minor maiming for him.

And the indian man will marry the single parent mother in a bold move way ahead of his time!

diddl Tue 06-Sep-11 07:08:38

the HB charater will be too old to serve, I think.

Matthew will & I should imagine Sybil will become a nurse.

Perhaps he´ll be injured & she´ll nurse him...

harrietthespook Thu 08-Sep-11 16:27:17

Guys- get with the programme!!!! wink

Matthew's shacking up with a woman called Lavinia Swire...and Mary is MOVIN' ON too!!!

There's loads of spoilers out there already. I thought MN was ahead of the curve? OR am I just the world's worst procrastinator.

Mumsnut Thu 08-Sep-11 16:32:54

Indian man? Single parent? Wasn't that Upstairs Downstairs?

diddl Thu 08-Sep-11 16:39:29

Can´t watch the clips as I´m not in UK.

Where are the spoilers?

harrietthespook Thu 08-Sep-11 17:43:33

diddl do you think the others want to know?

The ITV site has indicated them off and on - but I follow Downton Abbey on Twitter blush and get updates there.

diddl Thu 08-Sep-11 18:02:00

I guess they might not.

I just googled "DA spoilers" but couldn´t find much more than the website says.

Actually, all I really want to know is if M & M end up together as if they do, I´ll not bother watching any more.

I guess if they do, that might be how they end series 3.

harrietthespook Thu 08-Sep-11 18:09:49

I think they will drag it out well into the end of this series.

I do think the other Crawley chicks- Edith and Sybil - are off the cards though. But it would acutally be exciting if there was a late minute turn around, LIvinia binned AND Mary binned too.

One article did say that Branson declares his love for Sybil. But I think that's like episode one.

You know who i think will be really annoying this series? His mother, Isabelle.

LittlePushka Thu 08-Sep-11 22:18:53

Oh yes mumsnut, the indian and single mother was definitely in upstairs downstairs but I think they OUGHT to make a radical appearance in DA, the Twits on Twitter havnt tweeted THAT spoiler eh? eh??!!

Mumsnut Fri 09-Sep-11 11:04:34

grin Pushka. I need my Upstairs Downstairs fix too though - anyone know if it's coming back ...?

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