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Missed three weeks of Eastenders- need help catching up! Tania, Michael, Max etc

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Flickstar Mon 29-Aug-11 20:36:48

Hi there,

I missed three weeks of Eastenders and after having caught up on last week's episodes I have a few questions.

The last I saw Tania was still seeing Max and Greg. I read in a magazine that Tania had some sort of health problem and had to make a choice between the two of them? What was the health problem and who did she choose?!

Also, in tonight's episode there seems to be some sort of deal with Vanessa and Michael- what's going on there?

Everything else seems to be quite easy to pick up and I have just put Eastenders on my sky plus series link so I won't be in this situation again I hope smile!

Thanks in advance

bubbleschimp Mon 29-Aug-11 20:55:38

she was going to chose max . was all set to go the greg etc that her and max were together . before this she was at the doctors and he told her the results of her smear test indicated a problem and she would have to go for further treatment . from what i remember of the episodes she didnt want to put max through watching her having cancer treatment . ( not sure if she actually has cancer though) .

greg/ vanessa found out . gregs gone and sold the house to janine . tanya and the kids are living in max's house with max gone awol. tanya still hasnt told anyone about the medical problem .

not sure about micheal and vanessa though ! think he might have a scheme for vanessa to break eddies heart ??

hope that helps!!

MynameisnotEarl Mon 29-Aug-11 21:02:28

Michael wants revenge on his father for (as he believes) killing his mum.

He offered Vanessa money to break Eddie's heart. Vanessa is devastated at the Max & Tanya situation and phoned Harry (I think) who has come to get her.

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