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Doctor Who Series 6 part 2 - the ganger thread

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RustyBear Sat 27-Aug-11 09:21:54

Old thread's getting full, so here's a nice new acid-resistant one...

HarrietJones Sat 27-Aug-11 12:13:14

Weird the brought up two new threads
<suspicious of ganger threads>

RustyBear Sat 27-Aug-11 12:23:00

I'm currently rewatching the first half of the series - only on episode 2 so far, so I've got a way to go before 7.10

HarrietJones Sat 27-Aug-11 12:47:01

Got some tidyig to do but may have to have a look on opiates for the last few. I've seen up to Idris recently.

Fatshionista Sat 27-Aug-11 12:52:55

I'm excited!!

Ripeberry Sat 27-Aug-11 15:08:38


HarrietJones Sat 27-Aug-11 18:16:16

Nearly there!

WhoWhoWhoWho Sat 27-Aug-11 18:21:51


DS has lined up all his doctor who paraphenalia (sp?) all over the living room in celebration! What with the island of sodor also having pride of place I'm not sure there will be any room for me to sit down. hmm

Excited!!!!! grin

mumatron Sat 27-Aug-11 18:31:37

I'll be turning the laptop off while it's on so I'll be able to concentrate.

Will be back to see opinions after.

Ds is ridiculously excited about this episode. He is mad about anything Hitler related. hmm

HarrietJones Sat 27-Aug-11 19:28:48

Ooh ooh ooh ooh

BatsInTheSnowglobe Sat 27-Aug-11 20:02:52

So if River was Mels from a toddler as she said... who was the girl in the astronauts outfit??!!!

RustyBear Sat 27-Aug-11 20:09:39

She said 'last time, I became a toddler' - but she could have been older before - the Doctor is a different age each time he regenerates. So she could still have been the astronaut girl.

BatsInTheSnowglobe Sat 27-Aug-11 20:10:59

ahhh miss heard, makes more sense now!

StringOrNothing Sat 27-Aug-11 20:13:28

I so called Mels=Melody

PeggyCarter Sat 27-Aug-11 20:15:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HarrietJones Sat 27-Aug-11 20:37:34

When I saw the car I assumed River so I was sort of right!

HerdOfTinyElephants Sat 27-Aug-11 21:16:23

Yes, I thought that was clever; you see the car and think "Ah, River..." and the think "oh, no, it's not" but you were right all along.

I liked that episode; very promising for the rest of the series. Although I suspect next week's will scare the living crap out of DS if he watches it (he put on his Ten costume to watch tonight's, which was sweet).

VeryStressedStudent Sat 27-Aug-11 21:24:59

I was a bit disappointed as i wanted something more to happen with regards to Hitler, I thought he would have been a bigger part of the storyline although it was good. Am dreading next weeks, it looks a bit freaky, bit like the clockwork clowns.

mumatron Sat 27-Aug-11 21:33:14

Ds was not impressed that they didn't actually kill hitler.

Not a bad episode. We all sort of guessed the mels/river thing. For me it was her attitude, very River.

mumatron Sat 27-Aug-11 21:34:32

And defo not looking forward to next weeks! The dc will not be here and I'm a wimp.

ObviouslyOblivious Sat 27-Aug-11 21:36:31

That was an amazing episode! I actually found it really touching. Erm, is Hitler still in the cupboard?

Katisha Sat 27-Aug-11 21:36:47

DSs are getting fed up now. Too much timey-wimey self-referencing and they are losing interest.
Shame as Matt Smith is good. Irritating Amy is toning it down a bit, or at least is having to play second fiddle to River, but in general I think it is getting a bit up itself.

AitchTwoOh Sat 27-Aug-11 22:46:52

next week's is imo v scary and also imo not brilliant (but then i hate that bernie winters lookalike) but not even slightly timey-wimey, just back to one-story-per-ep business.

StickyFloor Sat 27-Aug-11 23:35:19

Why was River trying to kill the Doctor if she had already killed him as a child in the astronaut suit?
Is there another twist and that was someone else then?

EricNorthmansMistressOfPotions Sun 28-Aug-11 07:23:34

I didn't even know this was coming! I had autumn in my head, was thinking september or october....just found it on iplayer by accident! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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