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X Factor back this weekend - time to see if the new judges will be a hit or a miss!

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SESthebrave Wed 17-Aug-11 14:43:39

Can't believe it's back already but I can't wait to see what the new judges are like! Anyone else?

MojitoTime Wed 17-Aug-11 14:51:17

Looking forward to drooling over GBgrin

SESthebrave Wed 17-Aug-11 19:52:39

I think it will be interesting to see how the judges respond and what "type" they will become. I heard that GB is the new Simon Cowell!

DecapitatedLegoman Wed 17-Aug-11 19:54:03

Already? Hooray, better get the wine in!

Who's GB?

SESthebrave Wed 17-Aug-11 20:06:15

Gary Barlow!!

DecapitatedLegoman Wed 17-Aug-11 20:07:58

The cockeyed one from Take That? <thunk>

Raahh Wed 17-Aug-11 20:39:17

I am an X factor addict- not sure how having three quarters of the judging panel replaced (and leaving the worst judge, imo, Louis) will work. I LOVE Gary Barlow, but the show really was all about Simon C, so it will be interesting to see how it goes without him. ( Though Simon has looked visibly bored by the show for the last 2 years at least).

can't believe it is back again (was pregnant this time last year- and DD2 is 1 at the end of Septembershock)

<prepares to get totally hooked AGAIN>

SESthebrave Wed 17-Aug-11 20:48:49

DecapitatedLegoman - yes, the very same!

Raah - I posted v intermittently on the thread last year but I remember the arrival of Baby Raah!

Does anyone know if SC will put an appearance in for the live shows like he did with BGT? I can't quite see how that would work.

SuePurblybilt Wed 17-Aug-11 20:51:34

Raah, how is Baby Raah?
I am on a telly break at the moment but I could watch it on ITV player. But how to bitch post and watch?
I may have to get the telly out again.

DecapitatedLegoman Wed 17-Aug-11 20:54:49

IKWYM Raah, I was also doing a beached whale impression during the last series and DD will be 1 next month - alarming innit?! grin

I shall have to start reading gossip mags to get the lowdown on the new series. Oh, the hardship.

Raahh Wed 17-Aug-11 21:31:55

Baby Raahh is perfect-this year has gone so quickly!

I hope Simon makes an appearance- I really wish they had got rid of Louis!!

cjbartlett Wed 17-Aug-11 21:36:43

Oh yes I've heard saint Simon of cowell will make an appearance in the later live shows
Connie huq has got the sack in favour of Caroline flack (who?) and Olly MUDs < swoon>
expect live appearances of Cher Lloyd and one direction
And Shane ward is apparently on his uppers again
Leona and Alexandra Burke natch
And I reckon Cheryl cole will be promoting a new single at some point

DecapitatedLegoman Wed 17-Aug-11 21:41:32

YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS to Connie being sacked, she is utterly crap (nowt to do with being married to that delightful young man, of course, the lucky cow). And YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS again to Olly Murs. <salivates>

SESthebrave Sat 20-Aug-11 08:24:41

Less than 12hrs to go!
I'm also relieved there's no more Konnie Huq. Am looking forward to more Dermot though smile

Raahh Sat 20-Aug-11 13:16:40

i'm really looking forward to thisblush[no life emoticon]

Was reading yesterday there is a 16 year old girl, who is already a favourite (with vids on you tube and everything).

I want to know if 'tesco mary' is back at her checkout.

I also hope they do not allow Cher lloyd on as a guest!
And I will miss UQD's Chezza Cole impressionssad

Raahh Sat 20-Aug-11 13:19:51

Leona has a new single out, that has already been in the news due to sample probs. I bet she will be on the show. Joe McElderry, will notsmile

SayCoolNowSayWolef Sat 20-Aug-11 13:21:25

Slightly more excited than I should be about X Factor. I heard SC was going to be on the live shows via satellite. Gary Barlow, bring on the nastiness! <is glad it's now cool to like Take That>

DecapitatedLegoman Sat 20-Aug-11 13:22:50

Woooooooooooo is it nearly time to get the kids in bed and have a glass of wine yet?


SayCoolNowSayWolef Sat 20-Aug-11 13:25:06

I wish! Dreaming of wine and Gary. <<insert I have no life emoticon>>

Raahh Sat 20-Aug-11 13:25:33

It must be wine o'clock somewhere in the world.....

need to pace ourselves, or we will be too drunk to even recognise Mr Barlow!

SayCoolNowSayWolef Sat 20-Aug-11 13:28:12

It's always wine o'clock SOMEWHERE <alcoholic> blush

8 o'clock start is it? I was rotundly preggers this time last year as well. This year DD will be tucked up sound asleep and if she wakes, DH will have to deal with it as I'll be drunk and drooling

Raahh Sat 20-Aug-11 13:33:16

I was pg too- had to make do with gaviscon <boak>
Stocked up with vodka to make up for it this year!

aStarInStrangeways Sat 20-Aug-11 13:33:35

every year i swear i won't watch it again...and every year i cave before the first audition show grin

thankfully i have a cluster feeding newborn to pin me to the sofa all evening - the perfect excuse. <lays in crisps and drinks>

Raahh Sat 20-Aug-11 13:37:27

I always say I won't watch it- and get sucked in. Of course, the X Factor threads are the things that make it funny!

SayCoolNowSayWolef Sat 20-Aug-11 13:41:17

Congratulations aStarinStrangeWays. DD was born around the time the live shows started last year and I have fond memories of evening cluster feeds in front of X F with DH feeding me chocolate smile

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