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Spooks fans. Sign in and weep here.

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ChaosTrulyReigns Fri 12-Aug-11 15:39:06

Interesting article in the Independent today.

But bygolly it will be missed.

[large sobs]

Concordia Fri 12-Aug-11 15:41:34

i love spooks, but i think in recent series it has shown that they are starting to run out of ideas. thankfully there's only too many threats one country can face grin

frostyfingers Fri 12-Aug-11 16:31:20

Just read this in the my paper - devastating news as far as I'm concerned. It's the only good thing about the end of the summer.

LordOfTheFlies Fri 12-Aug-11 16:54:29

I've only seen one episode and that was waaaaaaaay back at the start.

Lisa Faulkener, Warehouse in Romford , deep fat fryer.

I think you all know the episode.

I've got alot of catching to do............

ChaosTrulyReigns Fri 12-Aug-11 21:49:35

I think that was the very first episode LordO.

You need to give it a bigger chance than that.


diddl Sat 13-Aug-11 15:17:09

I recently realised I missed a series!

Saw Harry put in a car boot, never did find out how he got out!

Then the next one I saw ended with Lucas jumping off the building.

MrsDistinctlyMintyMonetarism Mon 15-Aug-11 10:01:23

Only just seen that Spooks is ending - noooooooooooooo.

<wishes fervently for lovely ending for Harry and Ruth>

Am sad fervent fan of Spooks, own all the series on DVD, what am I going to do??

florenceuk Mon 15-Aug-11 14:46:20

To be honest the Lucas North doppelganger story line was crap - but I'll still watch the last one.

diddl Mon 15-Aug-11 16:10:22

Yes-Lucas not really Lucas & on top of that-bad??!!

NasalCoffeeEnema Mon 15-Aug-11 16:55:44

It has reached the end of the road really. I think since Adam died, and not just because he was lovely, it has declined quite quickly. Sad though because the good ones were bloody brilliant.
I want to be Ros Myers

MrsDistinctlyMintyMonetarism Tue 16-Aug-11 05:14:27

I think it lost its way when Hermione (Ros) left. There was so much chemistry going on between her and the new Home Secretary I couldn't believe it when she left.

Sadly, it seems that the actors want to go, and while I really disliked the overarching theme of Lucas being bad (I still don't think it was a realistic character arc) there were some fantastic stories and scenes in the last series. I loved the way Malcolm came back.

SinisterBuggyMonth Tue 16-Aug-11 18:05:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VirgoGrr Tue 16-Aug-11 18:14:14

Malcolm needs his own spin off series IMO.

Last couple of series have been a bit rubbish after the loss of Adam and Ros. Hope they pull out the stops for the last one.

Ros Myers was an inspirational character not often seen. A strong, intelligent, middle-aged female character. Shame they had to perpetrate a cliche by having her have no personal life.

ChrisPBacon Tue 16-Aug-11 18:16:58

I've been avoiding this thread for days as I could guess what it would have to be about

Oh dear, I can't go lalalala I'm not listening now can I?

ChrisPBacon Tue 16-Aug-11 18:19:28

just read the article.
I am betting Ruth & Harry get blown up on their wedding day
It'll be like the end of Blakes 7 where everyone got shot

MugglesandLuna Thu 18-Aug-11 15:49:12

I agree, the loss of Lucas, Adam and Ros leaves them a bit limp looking. Ruth isnt strong enough to be a main character and the other new guy (Dimitri??) is just a bit wet.

psiloveyou Thu 18-Aug-11 18:53:27

I had a bit of a girl crush on Ros, she was so bloody cool.

Adam well, how hot was he grin
I will miss Spooks soooo much.

pamplemousserose Sat 20-Aug-11 23:15:10

So exciting. Forums are saying tom or zoe might come back

ObviouslyOblivious Sat 20-Aug-11 23:18:53

I was imagining Harry doing a David Tennant/Dr Who style leaving trip to see all his old mates, and hoping that he would go and see Tom.

HalleLouja Mon 22-Aug-11 07:39:30

They are getting rid of Hustle too. Not sure what I am going to do!

MrsDistinctlyMintyMonetarism Mon 22-Aug-11 08:45:02

God, Kudos must be wondering where they went wrong!

Still can't quite believe this is happening. What do you think the chances are that someone else will pick it up as a programme? After all if someone else could want Big Brother.....

Oh I love Spooks, will miss it so much sad

It hasn't been the same since Adam left though, loved him.

WhatWouldLeoDo Wed 24-Aug-11 20:17:16

Does anyone remember that 2nd rate Spooks spin off that was on a couple of years back? It was set in 2012 I think. I wonder if the end of this series will link in with that?

pamplemousserose Wed 24-Aug-11 20:22:37

Oh yes, younger spooks.

ChaosTrulyReigns Mon 12-Sep-11 21:26:34


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