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Curb your Enthusiasm sometimes I love it, sometimes its not that great? Whats your favourite episode?

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kitya Sat 06-Aug-11 22:10:31

Im a late comer to the show so, Ive enjoyed watching it from the beginning. At first I thought it was the best thing ever but, as Im getting further it, not every episode is laugh out loud is it? The racist dog? not funny. The whole Producers episode? I fast forwarded it. When its on form, its hysterical. The real earlier ones where fab. The beloved cunt was the most hysterical thing Ive ever seen.

EuphemiaMcGonagall Sun 07-Aug-11 17:24:47

Beloved cunt was great. The series finale where LD's in The Producers was a self-indulgent wankfest - DH left the room and I fastforwarded through most of it!

We've been watching Seinfeld again from the start and it's so superior we've abandoned CYE!

CharlotteBronteSaurus Sun 07-Aug-11 17:31:31

the one where he's trapped on a ski lift
the one where he cuts the dolls hair
the one with the Baptism

haven't watched it for eons though - i might have to add a boxed set to my wish list

kitya Sun 07-Aug-11 21:41:32

The Producers was dire. The prostitute and the dope was quite funny. Giving the little girl who starts her period a tampax was amusing. The ld sandwich? Not great. Was he adopted or not, then?

limitedperiodonly Mon 08-Aug-11 10:40:40

Doll's hair
Bare Midriff
Black Swan
Funkhauser's Crazy Sister
And the one where Larry lets himself into Jeff's house to remove Jeff's porn before Susie finds it.
And the one at Cheryl's sister's wedding when he thinks the groom is being drowned during a baptism.

BitOfFun Mon 08-Aug-11 10:43:51

The Bare Midriff is up there, and the one about using the wrong toilet at a party.

kitya Mon 08-Aug-11 12:51:37

Which ones the bare midriff? I cant even remember the two I watched last night. Oh, I do, one was about the Japanese artist. I never laughed once. The other was the tooth fairy. That was slightlly better.

Did he not realise how wooden Cheryl was?

limitedperiodonly Mon 08-Aug-11 13:18:56

The Bare Midriff was on More4 last night. I do like it but they've repeated it so often that I've seen enough grin. It's bound to come round again.

Larry and Jerry are sharing an office and they hate their secretary's clothes. She wears cropped tops and she's quite chubby. Larry tackles her about it and offends her so she strops off.

Then he tries to make amends and makes things worse. It's quite a full episode covering appropriate behaviour at work, road rage, blasphemy and how many paper napkins it is acceptable to use in a cafe.

As always I'm on Larry's side. His secretary is inappropriately-dressed. He and Jerry probably wouldn't have complained if she had washboard abs though.

Cheryl is so wooden that even when she auditions to play herself in the Seinfeld reunion she can't do it. Larry knows this but hopes no one will point it out.

kitya Mon 08-Aug-11 14:07:58

I dont know how she got the part in the first place, she just cant act. Mind you, not all of them can. Some of them look like they shouldnt be there. Im in love Susie and Jeff. I cant work out whether its the earlier ones that are the best.

limitedperiodonly Mon 08-Aug-11 14:43:51

Oh, you mean you don't think the woman who plays Cheryl can act.

I don't know really. Cheryl is so unreasonable it must be quite hard to make her convincing.

I love Susie and Jeff. Well, I don't love Susie but you know what I mean.

I find any episode with Richard Lewis in boring. He can't act.

I've just looked on IMDB because I'm sad like that. Season 4 is dull. It's the one that ends with the performance of the Producers. I liked the seasons on either side. Haven't seen season 8.

kitya Mon 08-Aug-11 15:03:28

Then I must be up to season 5 on sky atlantic, its not been great so far. The one where he asks his housekeeper to wear a bra, the one were he thinks he's adopted and, last night the tooth fairy. Shes abit, meh. I wonder why they didnt feature any kids in their little unit? after ten years you would think they would be in the picture afterall, shes (supposed to be) alot younger than him.

I know its not real!! I dont care for Richard Lewis but, I do like Ted Danson.

Yes Ive seen the one with the sister whos in an asylum. Who Jeff shags. That was hysterical. I almost feel guilty for saying that!

limitedperiodonly Mon 08-Aug-11 17:12:06

Funkhauser's Crazy Sister. It's a pretty unequivocal title. grin

I really don't like Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen. But I do appreciate them sending themselves up as horrible people like Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer and Christian Slater do. But maybe they really are horrible people and don't know itconfused. I also know it's not real grin.

I cling to the idea that Larry's nice but just blunt and surrounded by gits.

kitya Mon 08-Aug-11 17:15:16

Jeff is a dirty dog smile

midnightexpress Mon 08-Aug-11 17:20:20

I was going to say beloved cunt. I also liked Crazy Eyes Killer (can't remember which season that was). Didn't realise there was a season 11 - must catch up with that. Which channel has it been on?

midnightexpress Mon 08-Aug-11 17:21:10

I adore Jeff's wife.

midnightexpress Mon 08-Aug-11 17:24:16

Season 8 I mean confused

wigglesrock Mon 08-Aug-11 17:49:37

We love Acting without Acting (when Jason Alexander brings the book out), having said that grin, the dolls hair, the chef with Tourettes, I really like the Producers stuff blush especially when Larry won't get in the front of the car with Ben Stiller.

limitedperiodonly Mon 08-Aug-11 17:51:25

Don't know if season 8 has shown here. It exists though and I might get DH to download it. I'll probably learn to do it myself though because it would be good for me to try new things and DH hates CYE.

I like Crazy Eyes Killer, too. And it's reminded me that Wanda is another person I hate.

So, Jeff and Larry's dad, are sort of okay. That's about it.

wigglesrock Mon 08-Aug-11 17:51:44

Forgot the failed Kamikaze pilot in Larrys' dads nursing home.

BitOfFun Mon 08-Aug-11 17:55:18

Jeff's wife is my role model...are you fricking kidding me? grin

midnightexpress Mon 08-Aug-11 19:04:09

Oh I like Wanda. In fact, I quite like Cheryl.

And yy to the bare Midriff episode. That was v funny.

it's aaaaages since I saw any of them though, so I can't remember much about most of them.

Larry David is DP. Though unfortunately, with a somewhat bigger bank balance.

kitya Mon 08-Aug-11 19:07:30

I hated the Kamikaze Pilot, it was on last night. Season 8 is on in America but it can be downloaded

midnightexpress Mon 08-Aug-11 19:10:09


midnightexpress Tue 09-Aug-11 10:49:24

Oh and I also LOVE Leon.

kitya Sun 14-Aug-11 17:50:08

Ive just watched the Bare Midriff. Ive never laughed so much. Im still trying to think what I have see that mother in.

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