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Kids Behind Bars

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LordOfTheFlies Fri 29-Jul-11 20:42:34

I watched this on catch up today ( it was on Thurs night )
Decided to watch with an open mind- it was about young teens in a secure unit, boys and girls. Alot of them with a history of violence,theft,ABH, GBH, drugs. One who self harmed so was there was her own safety.

The staff were patient to the point of being farcical. Very politically correct, all young person and service user.

One of the girls kept smirking.Possibly showing off for the camera.

I had to switch off after 20 minutes. The programme just made my teeth itch.
What happens when they leave this unit. Some of them had such anger issues it makes you wonder how their future life and employment would pan out?

Or will it be the inevitable couple of kids by the age of 18 and the cycle starts again?
They were linking- PC crap for getting it on but not allowed to have boys and girls alone to avoid physical relations.

Just made me angry sad shock in equal measures

mufti Sat 30-Jul-11 07:06:47

i watched this first time round, 3 eps altogether i think
there were updates at the end of each episode, and some really did get it together.
some of them needed so much help. and some clearly just needed to be loved.
sad too , that it comes to that sometimes.

FlyMeToTheMooncup Sat 30-Jul-11 07:19:24

I find programmes like that very depressing. It all feels so... inevitable. Like they are destined to spend their whole lives like that because the justice system is so useless at rehabilitation, and possibly they do not have the support when they go home.

It shouldn't be like that. sad

Not that I have any ideas for improvement. I just know it's a fucked up situation when people come out of prison as more hardened criminals than when they went in. I wonder what reoffending rates are like for young people compared to adults?

What channel was this on please?

pearlgirl Sat 30-Jul-11 07:24:14

bbc1 on thurs and had been on bbc3

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