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glee at the cinema - anyone seen it?

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ThatllDoPig Sat 23-Jul-11 20:08:22

Noticed that there is a glee thing on at the local cinema, but can't work it out. I don't think it is an actual film. Is it bits of the series mottled together? My dd loves glee so I'd quite like to take her to see it, but is it rehashed shite? anyone know?

Ingles2 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:09:37

IT'S a 3d film of the concert i think...

ThatllDoPig Sat 23-Jul-11 20:14:28

which concert? is it one of their gigs, filmed then? Not one of the 'regionals' or 'sectionals' things from the series? sorry to be thick

Ingles2 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:19:02

yes, the glee concert tour filmed,... nothing from the series..
well it is obviously, it's them singing the songs, but ykwim

JsOtherHalf Sat 23-Jul-11 20:26:27

bruffin Mon 25-Jul-11 13:25:46

I think DD and I are probably going to see it, however i don't think it's out until august. It's the tour they have done recently.

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