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Anyone watch Homes from Hell last night?

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Fimbo Wed 20-Jul-11 09:40:31

Not sure what to make of that British guy, who is trying to get his money back from builders in Cyprus.

minko Wed 20-Jul-11 12:21:23

They did offer him his money back didn't they?? He wanted more money to allow for increase in value and all sorts. It seemed like he'd started enjoying the attention from protesting a bit too much... He was welling up at the support of the people marching past his protest! He should just have taken the money and gone...

minko Wed 20-Jul-11 12:22:15

Maybe being ex-army he missed a bit of conflict in his life...

LilBB Wed 20-Jul-11 13:55:03

He did seem a bit over the top. I also wondered why the people who bought the house without a survey hadn't fixed it themselves if they had the cash instead of living in a caravan with two kids. I know it's unfortunate but if they bought without a survey how could they prove anything. I felt sorry for the 4 people living in Cyprus who didn't even have mains electric.

belledechocchipcookie Wed 20-Jul-11 13:58:15

He should have taken the money, it's out of order to set up a web site so that he can complain about them.

Fimbo Wed 20-Jul-11 14:35:38

I thought the same thing that he should have just taken his money, but he wanted extra and tbh he has put himself into more debt with all his silly campaigns. I am sure he could have worked with the builders and had screening put up etc if he thought his house was going to be overlooked. Of course the builder was going to sell it on to someone else as the law allowed because he would have ended up out of pocket too. He was a numpty when he wouldn't go with the police officer either.

I too felt sorry for the 4 on their own, their story was nothing like the buffoon above.

belledechocchipcookie Wed 20-Jul-11 15:41:45

I think most of the situation was his own making. He appears relentless, I wouldn't want to live with someone like that. The family of 4 was very sad, it should show the opposite side to the stories though as it's unbalanced.

Fimbo Wed 20-Jul-11 16:13:18

Yes it didn't portray Cyprus in the best of light and I expect for every one in the stories featured there are thousands of successful and happy property purchases.

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