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Can someone clever please help me find a program my Skyplus box failed to record?

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Backinthebox Sat 02-Jul-11 16:11:10

I am a technical twit when it comes to finding things online. But this week really peed me off. I went out to a show on my horse last Sunday, happy in the knowledge that I had set my Skyplus to record the Hickstead Showjumping Derby. Not only did I fall of my own chuffing horse and spend the next week in hospital, but when I finally got out I discovered that my Skyplus box had lost it's connection only 10 minutes into the Derby and stopped recording. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound!

So does anyone have any special recommendations as to where I can find a copy of it? It was on last Sunday, the 26th(?) June, on Sky Sports.

Many thanks - it may be the only thing that saves my sanity!

JsOtherHalf Sun 03-Jul-11 15:11:24

Try this?

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