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Dexter season 5 starts tonight!

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practicallyimperfect Fri 17-Jun-11 16:19:06

I'm very excited! Anyone with me, or have you all watched it online?

Acekicker Fri 17-Jun-11 16:41:12

We're watching it on FX so I'll be with you... To be honest the final of the previous series made me so sad I'm actually not looking forward to the first episode if that makse sense...

ComeWhineWithMe Fri 17-Jun-11 16:42:11

Thanks for reminding me, I can't wait but know exactly what Acekicker means sad.

Paschaelina Fri 17-Jun-11 16:42:53

Aagghh I'm hiding this thread cos I'm only halfway through season 3...

mamalocco Fri 17-Jun-11 17:00:13

Its the BEST yet!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time I think there's nowhere left for the story to go and yet the writers floor me with each new season.

5Foot5 Fri 17-Jun-11 21:26:39

Not long now.....

lisad123 Fri 17-Jun-11 23:20:22

wish I saw this ear;ier!!! watching on FX+1 but missed first 15 mins

MurielTheActor Fri 17-Jun-11 23:21:37

I SO love Deb. Totally in love with her. Best character on any tv programme in the whole history of tv.
(And no, I'm not fourteen...grin)

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