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Does anyone watch "Teen Mom"

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ScarlettIsWalking Thu 16-Jun-11 12:41:38

Yes v trashy indeed but I couldn't turn off -in horror really. What a dreadful person Amber is. She stands out as the one of all the young Mums who really doesn't seem to give a crap about her baby. Her abusive behaviour towards her Ex is awful swearing and pushing him all in front of the child. I honestly wonder how they give her coverage and keep filming her manhandling her baby into her cot and leaving her there with a blanket over her head.

Bit of a rant. It's a shitty show.

ConstantVigilance Thu 16-Jun-11 17:24:50

I watch it. I agree Amber is awful, although I did feel sorry for her on her birthday, her fiance was a total dick. Having a baby hasn't made either of them more mature sad

And Ryan, Riley's dad makes me want to throw something at the tv! angry

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