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I missed the final episode of the Good Wife

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oohlaalaa Mon 13-Jun-11 10:14:21

Yep that's right. I have watched it all the way through, recorded it when I went out, and now I've missed the last episode.

My DH2B suggested a trip to the pub, for his friends birthday, and as it was straight after an evening work/client meeting - it slipped my mind....

I cant watch it on that 4oD channel. It doesnt work for my computer. It also does not seem to be repeated.

I'm considering buying the box set from Amazon.

vmcd28 Mon 13-Jun-11 11:08:28

Tbh, the courtcase part wasn't particularly interesting, but they might refer back to it in future episodes.
There was one big thing happened. Let me know if you want me to tell u, didn't want to spoil it if you want to watch it

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