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i wish i'd never watched the wire

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stainesmassif Sun 05-Jun-11 21:37:59

because now everything else is a bit shit.

the killing was almost good until the last couple of episodes.

chicago code is as formulaic as they come.

the shield is very good.

i watched the kenneth branagh wallander, that was just a little bit lacking.

there must be more good crime drama.

don't say csi....

stainesmassif Sun 05-Jun-11 21:38:39

in fact, it doesn't have to be crime drama, but it must be gripping. is that too much to ask?

tattycoram Sun 05-Jun-11 21:44:34

What's that series set in early wild west America - that's supposed to be good <unhelpful>

stainesmassif Sun 05-Jun-11 21:48:40

ah, dh has downloaded that on my recommendation (though i haven't watched it) - deadwood - he can't understand what they're saying!

SarkyLady Sun 05-Jun-11 21:49:42

So far I've found 'the shadow line' on bbc1 quite good.

Obv not as good as the wire though smile

Agree with what you say about the rest.

KarmaZBitch Sun 05-Jun-11 21:49:48

I agree. I have been bereft since The Wire finished.

I watch Luther just to get a 'Stringer Bell' fix and find myself watching anything that stars Dominic West purely so I can perve over reminisce over McNulty.

Best TV show ever.

SarkyLady Sun 05-Jun-11 21:52:30

Luther annoyed me. Not sure why though.

We tried Treme which took me ages to get into. Worth it at the end though.

MrsSheeran Sun 05-Jun-11 21:56:56

Just watch it again, have watched it 3 times now, start to finish!

stainesmassif Sun 05-Jun-11 21:58:22

people have recommended luther to me but i cringed at the second episode for some reason (can't remember why) and gave up. agree re mcnulty. phwoar.
treme, hey, haven't heard of that one.

stainesmassif Sun 05-Jun-11 22:04:41

i think i heard chris ecclestone bigging up the shadow line on r4 a couple of weeks ago. i find bbc drama tends towards 'safe', or maybe that's just the bloody wire's fault.

KarmaZBitch Sun 05-Jun-11 22:14:09

I missed the first few episodes of Shadow Line and havent followed it up on iplayer or whateer, but intend to. I love Chiwetel Ijifor (sp?).

I couldnt get into Treme at all.

Luther was quite shite compared to the Wire, really, but I adore Idris Elba so watched it all and will be watching the new series, too.

SarkyLady Sun 05-Jun-11 22:16:34

Try shadow line. I've no idea where it is going at the moment which is s good sign (we are 3 episodes in)

Treme is by the same people as the wire and has many of the same actors (not the good looking ones though smile ) It is set in post Katrina New Orleans. I confess I struggled to get into it. Much slower that the wire.

bigbadbarry Sun 05-Jun-11 22:19:44

Trene was worth it for the last two episodes. Agree that nothing else is the wire though (have you tried the sopranos?)

bigbadbarry Sun 05-Jun-11 22:20:06

Ooh I know! It is really old but the old bbc I Claudius is so worth watching.

SarkyLady Sun 05-Jun-11 22:23:44

Bigbadbarry. Completely agree with what you say about Treme. Shame it took so long to be surprising.

Dh is trying to persuade me to try the sopranos. We have it on DVD. It has never really appealed tbh. Should I bother?

bigbadbarry Sun 05-Jun-11 22:25:36

We watched and really loved season 1 of the sopranos - never got any further, but no idea why.

MinnieBar Sun 05-Jun-11 22:26:42

Mad Men.

SarkyLady Sun 05-Jun-11 22:33:29

Oh yes. Mad men is fab. All the series.

I liked the first series of Heros. (the rest were shite.)

stainesmassif Sun 05-Jun-11 22:49:55

Yy watched I Claudius as a teen. Vvv good. Also watched a few episodes of mad men and the sopranos but never got sucked in. Mm is very bleak, isn't it, tho I love the woman copy writer. The sopranos - I can't persuade dh to watch, don't know why.
I loved the idea of heroes, but itjust disappeared up it's own arse, didn't it. Ditto lost and 24.

stainesmassif Sun 05-Jun-11 22:52:48

(just realised it sounds like I won't watch tv without hubby. I do!)

moonshine Sun 05-Jun-11 22:57:15

The Sopranos is truly the dogs' bollox and I am watching it now on Sky Atlantic, should anyone want to dip in. I was truly bereft when it finished and would happily watch it all over again (and have done to some extent) as it just improves with repeated viewings.

SarkyLady Sun 05-Jun-11 23:01:07

Boardwalk Empire was pretty good. Some weird bits though.

rubyrubyruby Sun 05-Jun-11 23:05:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MCos Sun 05-Jun-11 23:54:25

Mmmmm. The Wire is the best ever! DH & I total fans.
We also liked:

A lot!
Mad Men
Battlestar Galacticia
In Treatment - luuuuv Gabriel Byrne!
Treme - the music is great!
Modern Family

Not as much as those listed above, but we continued to download/watch weekly while they were on:
Boardwalk Empire
The Event

I really loved the first 3-4 seasons of Sopranos. Then the violence started to get to me a bit.

bigbadbarry Mon 06-Jun-11 08:45:12

I Claudius is out on dvd and really bears re-watching - makes you realise how poor most of the bbc offerings are these days! It has wobbly sets and all but the acting is amazing and all the intrigue!

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